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okno dachowe AURA Silver - ASW

Aura Silver roof window - ASW

Product description

The Aura Silver window is a window with a wooden frame made of selected pine wood, covered with fungicidal and insecticidal impregnation, and double varnish. All raw materials come from renewable forests and are signed with the FSC certificate. The window is easy to install, and each package contains step -by -step instructions.

Additional features of the AURA SILVER window:

  • Built-in ventilation vent with a mesh that prevents insects and dust from entering, while ventilating the room.
  • Better resistance to moisture thanks to a thicker layer of varnish, which prevents damage and cracks in the wood


Technical specification

Technical parameters

Window features / modelokna dachowe silver
Size66 x 118 cm

78 x 118 cm

78 x 140 cm

Ventilationadditional ventilation module
Heat transfer coefficient – UwU1,3
Hardened outer paneyes
Material usedWooden frame – 2 layers of varnish
WaterproofE1350 – high
Additional thermal insulation collar
Self cleaning glass
Easy to installyes
Warranty10 years
See the declaration of functional properties »


Comparision table

Window features/Modelokna dachowe - bronzeokna dachowe silverOkna dachowe silver pvcokna dachowe gold pvc
Avaliable at sizes55 x 78 cm
78 x 118 cm
78 x 140 cm
66 x 118 cm
78 x 118 cm
78 x 140 cm
66 x 118 cm
78 x 118 cm
78 x 140 cm
66 x 118 cm
78 x 118 cm
78 x 140 cm
66 x 118 cm
78 x 118 cm
78 x 140 cm
Ventilationa handle with two
Passive items
additional ventilation moduleadditional ventilation moduleadditional ventilation moduleadditional ventilation module
Heat transfer coefficient UwUw 1,3Uw 1,3Uw 1,3Uw 1,1Uw 1,1
Hardened outer pane
Material usedWooden frame – 1 layer oof varnishWooden frame – 2 layers of varnishPCV frameWooden frame – 2 layers of varnishPCV frame
Very high
Additional thermal insulation collar___
Self cleaning glass___
Easy to install
Warranty10 years10 years10 years10 years10 years


Do you have questions?

Is it possible to make copper machining at the steel roof?
When using copper, be careful because copper oxides are very aggressive and cause corrosion of other metals. Therefore, on buildings, it cannot be combined with other metal species (copper enters into contact and causes electrolytic corrosion of other metals).
Why is the metal roofing sheets recommended for the renovation of old roofs?
This is directly related to its low weight. In the case of old roofs, the trusses of the renovated houses are often somewhat damaged by time. Therefore, it is safer to use a metal roofing tile, which weight oscillates at 4.7 kg/m2, than almost ten times a heavier ceramic tile than it. However, it is always worth verifying the condition of the roof truss, with a specialist and make sure that it does not require renovation or replacement. In such cases, the safety of residents or building employees, as well as the assembly team, is always a priority. In most situations, however, the condition of the structure without major problems allows the use of roof tiles, while the use of ceramic tile would not be possible.
Can you use an angle grinder when cutting sheets?
Modern roofing exclude the use of angle grinders for cutting. The use of this method of cutting the material is associated with the loss of warranty.The angle grinder during operation and cutting produces very large amounts of heat, which in turn damages the edges of the sheet, as well as the coating covering it. In addition, the filings extracting during operation blend into the surface of the blades, additionally creating potential corrosion outbreaks.The right way of cutting sheet metal is to use automatic jumps (so -called Nilerler) or hand scissors. They use the mechanical force to cut the sheet, without exposing it to high temperature jumps. In addition, it is worth remembering that after cutting it is good to train cut places with dedicated protective varnish or special paint.
Does the roof require maintenance?
Yes, each roof requires periodic inspections to check if there have been any damage. Most of the products offered by Blachy Pruszyński have various types of specialized coatings available (covered by the warranty), increasing the life and durability of sheet metal. Maintenance consists mainly in removing the deposits and chimney dust, which left for a longer period of time can lead to sheet metal damage. Particular attention should be paid to places around chimneys that are sensitive due to more demanding operating conditions. If during the coverage inspection, local damage to the paint coating will be noticed, paint corrections should be made. In such a situation, the best solution is to use dedicated gloss paints tailored to a given coating. Such paints are in a stringent offer of Pruszyńska sheet and it is strongly recommended to use company products, recommended for a given coating.
How to register and how does the warranty work?
In order to register the warranty, download the warranty registration available in files for download / printing or directly: Warranty registration and send it completed to the following address: guarantee@pruszynski.euThe warranty begins to apply on the day of purchase of the goods. Registration of warranty is necessary to quickly identify the purchased batch of goods.
How can you complain the product, where is the information?
Complaints should be submitted in a warehouse in which the purchase was made. In the event that the wholesaler has been closed (does not run a business), the filled print of the complaint application should be sent directly to Pruszyński Sp. z o.o. to:

Printing of the complaint application is available in files for download / prints or directly here: Complaints

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