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Trapezoidal sheets on the roof

Roof trapezoidal sheets are very popular as the most economical building materials with a wide application. The roof covering with trapezoidal sheet metal has been widely used for years in individual, industrial and commercial construction. The wide selection of protective coatings and modern colors and simplicity of assembly have made trapezoidal sheet used in modern buildings with a simple block, in which geometric forms and stylistic minimalism dominate. It can replace the roofing sheet cover, because, like it, it does not burden the roof structure.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our roof trapezoidal sheets.

T14, T18, T18DR, T18D-O, T20, T26 SUPER, T35, T40, T45, T45P, T50P, T55P, T60P

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We also encourage you to learn the full range of our trapezoidal sheets depending on the purpose (facades, constructions)

T14 - Blacha trapezowa na dach T14
Roof trapezoids
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T18 - Blacha trapezowa na dachT18 - Blacha trapezowa na dach T18
Roof trapezoids
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T18DR - Blacha trapezowa na dach T18DR
Roof trapezoids
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T20 - Blacha trapezowa na dach T20
Roof trapezoids
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T35E - Blacha trapezowa na dach T35E
Roof trapezoids
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T40 - Blacha trapezowa na dach T40
Roof trapezoids
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T45 - Blacha trapezowa na dach T45
Roof trapezoids
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T45P - Blacha trapezowa na dach T45P
Roof trapezoids
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T50P - Blacha trapezowa na dach T50P
Roof trapezoids
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T55P - Blacha trapezowa na dach T55P
Roof trapezoids
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T60P - Blacha trapezowa na dach T60P
Roof trapezoids
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blacha trapezowa Blachy Pruszynski

What are roof trapezoidal sheets?

Trapezoidal sheet is a light roof material that can be used at almost every angle of slope. According to the standards, even for a 4 ° angle (for trapezoidal sheets with a T35 or higher profile), it is characterized by strength and stiffness, and thanks to higher than typical metal roof tiles, the profile effectively drains rainwater from the roof.

Trapezoidal sheets differ in the type of sheet metal and profile height – the ones used on the roof have the height of the profile in the range of 14 to 60 mm (T14 – T60) and are made of galvanized or coated sheet as well as with AZ coating (Alusine). Sheets with a smaller profile (from T6) and roof trapezoidal sheets are also used on the facade, to build a fence or make a garage door. Higher profiles (above the T60) are used for roofs with large spans and in load -bearing structures.

Easy and quick assembly
Fast installation of cut sheet sheets to the exact dimension of the roof slope. The availability of many types of accessories means that it is also uncomplicated.
The most economical product recommended for simple roofs of garages, houses, business facilities or small halls.
Kompletny dach
Wide range of applications
Choosing from many types of sheets of different profile height. Possibility to use in many solutions and matching to a specific design and individual arrangement.
Jakość i trwałość
Available in many protective coatings with a guarantee of up to 50 years. All sheets are protected with a layer of zinc, which protects steel against sheet metal perforation.
kolorystyka, ikona
Rich colors
Available in a rich colorist enabling the selection of individualized needs of the investor or the requirements of a construction project.

The use of trapezoidal sheets on the roof

The use of trapezoidal sheets on the roof

The huge advantage of trapezoidal sheets is the fact that they can practically be used as a roofing with each angle of slope of the slope (depending on the height of the trapezoidal sheet profile). If we take into account the mounting speed and the price of the material, the trapezoidal sheet will be best suited to large and straight roofs, as well as roofing tiles to size.

Because the sheet belongs to the so -called light roofing, it is worth considering buying it also when the roof structure is not calculated for a heavy type of material (e.g. tile) or before renovation, the roofing was made, e.g. from roofing tiles.

Trapezoidal sheets have been willingly used for years, because they are distinguished by wide use. Most often they are used for roofing:

  • in residential buildings
  • in outbuildings
  • in the garage
  • in the shelters.
Blachodachówka na wymiar - wydajność, uniwersalność i ekonomiczność

Advantages of our roof trapezoidal sheets

Roof trapezoidal sheets available in Blachy Pruszyński’s offer are produced in accordance with PN-EN 14782 and have a CE mark. Our products have been used on construction sites in Poland and European Union countries for over 30 years.

Among their most important advantages, it is worth:

  • trapezoidal sheet price – cheaper than a panel roof tile,
  • differently height of embossing – allows for wide application and interesting arrangements,
  • availability in many color variants,
  • Possibility between different protective layers (gloss and matt polyester, Purmax hybrid coating, Purlak polyurethane coating and metallic coating – galvanized and aluzynko),
  • the possibility of perforation to improve the acoustic properties of the object,
  • Availability of accessories: screws, nails, seals, anti -condensing non -woven fabric,
  • guarantee of the implementation of a individual order in the same color (shade).

Trapezoidal sheet on the Pruszyński roof sheet is a guarantee of the highest quality products at a good price confirmed by numerous industry awards.

Types of trapezoidal sheet on the roof

Trapezoidal sheets available on the market are made of steel or aluminum sheet with a thickness of 0.50 mm to 1.50 mm. In addition to the type of sheet metal, the products in this category differ in a protective coating: zinc, alucinular, polyester or polyurethane, thanks to which the sheet metal is protected against rust and moisture, and in the case of polyurethane coatings – also from color change and mechanical damage. Therefore, the type, thickness of the sheet and the type of protective coating should be selected depending on the type of building and its purpose (e.g. an outbuilding, industrial hall), as well as the environment and atmospheric or environmental factors acting on roofing. The trapezoidal sheet also differs the height of the profile, which ranges from 14 to 60 mm and compared to other trapezoidal sheets is the average value.

Roof trapezoidal sheets in our offer

Currently, our offer includes a dozen or so products for roofing, which differs in the type and thickness of the material, width of the load, usable and total width and the type of finish affecting their resistance to atmospheric factors:

  • T14 ROOF
  • T18 Galvanized Roof
  • T18DR ROOF
  • T18 ROOF
  • T20 ROOF
  • T35E ROOF
  • T40 ROOF
  • T45 ROOF
  • T45P ROOF
  • T50P ROOF
  • T55P ROOF
  • T60P ROOF

All trapezoidal sheets from Blachy Pruszyński are produced in accordance with PN-EN 14782 and marked with the CE sign. These products can also be used on the facade as a material for fences and garage doors.

What to consider in choosing trapezoidal sheet on the roof?

The price of trapezoidal sheet is an important factor for the investor, but it should also take into account the life of the roofing. High -quality galvanized trapezoidal sheet has very good resistance to mechanical damage and moisture, so you can consider buying a single -family house to the roof, which is exposed to these factors. However, in this case it is worth choosing a variant with a protective coating, which will additionally protect it against UV or water rays. Trapezoidal sheet with a polyester coating is the most frequently chosen solution to cover the roof. If the investor focuses on the best polyurethane protective coating, such as Purlak or Purmat produced by Blachy Pruszyński, he can receive a product guarantee of up to 50 years.

Trapezoidal sheet, through its characteristic geometric shape, fits houses built in a modern, minimalist style. Investors usually decide to be associated with this style and the color of the coverage emphasizing it – graphite, gray or metallic. Industrial facilities, warehouse and production halls have a different demand for a specific type of sheet and much more often you can find steel covers with a zinc coating.

The completeness of the roofing ensure
roof windows and gutter systems

To make the roof tight, durable and aesthetic, the Pruszyński company offers the necessary accessories for all metal roofing tiles: screws, gąsiui and other flashings matching the color of the roofing tiles, as well as sealing tapes, fitting paints and flat metal sheets for unusual roofing.

Are you looking for other ideas for trapezoidal sheets?

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full range of profiles of our trapezoidal sheets, dedicated to both facades and structural trapezoids,