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Blachodachówka OPTIMA, cieta na wymiar

Custom-made Steel Tiles

The roof tile is an elegant and permanent roofing, and at the same time one of the lightest roofing materials. It is almost 10 times lighter than a ceramic tile, which means that you do not need to build a heavy and more expensive truss construction under it. Modern roof tiles in Pruszyński sheets are made of the highest quality sheet protected with protective coatings, which they owe durability and aesthetic finish. Thus, they become a universal material for roofs, and thanks to the diverse design they are used in the construction of single and multi-family houses, outbuildings, religious buildings and the renovation of old roofs.

Blachodachowka LOARA Loara
Custom -made metal roof tile
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Blachodachowka RUBIN Rubin
Custom -made metal roof tile
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alt? Optima
Custom -made metal roof tile
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Custom -made metal roof tile
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Blachodachowka cieta na wymiar SZAFIR Szafir
Custom -made metal roof tile
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Why is the metal roofing sheet metal for roofing?

The roof tile owes its growing popularity to several factors. One of them is the possibility of its wide application: on roofs with a smaller and larger slope, new and renovated, on houses built in a traditional and modern style. By producing sheet sheets for a specific length, waste generated during assembly is limited to a minimum. Among other things, that’s why the metal sheet metal is considered to be economical material for roofing. Due to low weight, it is also the most frequently chosen material for replacing previously covered roofs, e.g. eternit or sheet metal and much heavier tiles. And finally, the tile to size is one of the cheapest solutions (price of products and the price of services) and the fastest to assemble (high coverage at a time).

blachodachowka czarna blachy pruszynski

Advantages of the roof tile to the dimension of Pruszyński

In the economic terms of a metal roofing, cut under size is the best choice to cover the roof with an uncomplicated shape. It is a recommended solution on a single- and two-column roof, but also on a roof with more slopes, but without dormers. Because one sheet can cover up to 9 m² of slope surface, the sheet metal roof tiles are also the fastest to assemble. It is worth remembering to make a product order in advance due to the individual process of factory cutting sheet.

In the case of Pruszyński metal roofing tiles, the investor receives products with the highest quality, which consists of research and approvals and long -term guarantees. Depending on the chosen coating, investors receive from 10 to 50 years warranty (sheets with polyurethane coating).

To make the roof tight, durable and aesthetic, the Pruszyński company offers the necessary accessories for all metal roofing tiles: screws, gąsiui and other flashings matching the color of the roofing tiles, as well as sealing tapes, fitting paints and flat metal sheets for unusual roofing. The completeness of roofing is provided by roof windows and gutter systems tailored to metal roofing.

Assembly speed
The sheet metal sheet is the fastest solution in our offer – one sheet can cover up to 9 m² of slope surface
It is a recommended solution on a one-and-two roof, but also on a roof with more slopes, but without dormer
Kompletny dach
Complete roof
We provide all accessories needed to create a tight and aesthetic roof, as well as roof windows and gutter systems
Jakość i trwałość
Quality and durability
From 10 to even 50 years of aesthetic and technical warranty
Szerokie zastosowanie
Wide range of applications
On the construction of single-and-multi-family houses, outbuildings, religious buildings, as well as for the renovation of old roofs

Pruszyński’s metal roofing models

Custom -made metal roof tiles from Pruszyński are products made of the highest quality bilaterally galvanized sheet and coated with protective coatings. The effects they form on the roofs resemble profiled ceramic or cement tiles, and exceed them with simplicity and mounting speed. The offer of roof tiles in the sheets includes models:

  • Loara’s roof tile
  • REN roof tile
  • Optima roof tile
  • Rubin roof tile
  • Sapphire roof tile

The products are available in a wide range of colors, with the choice of colors depends on the chosen protective coating. Thanks to this, they allow the reconstruction of the character of historical buildings, the stylistic metamorphosis of renovated buildings and creating a roof according to the preferences of an investor or architect.

Składowanie i rozładunek blachodachówki ciętej na wymiar

Custom -made metal roof tile – price

The advantage of the metal roofing sheets in the sheets is its attractive price and the effective use of the purchased product (thanks to the factory cut it generates the least waste). The amount of material needed is calculated using a special ISOD program. As a result, ready sheets go to the construction site, whose laying on the roof the roofing crew begins with the hood line. The final price of the purchase of a metal roofing is affected by the type of chosen protective coating and the method of finishing (e.g. gloss polyester).

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Parameters of our metal roof tiles

The roof covering with a metal roof tile is a selection of products of the highest quality. Steel for its production comes from reputable suppliers, the largest steel concerns such as ArcelorMittal, Salzgitter, Dad Steel and Voestalpine. The sheets are made of 0.50 mm thick sheet metal, with a zinc layer with a z-275g/m² thickness. Depending on the model, they are available in two module lengths – 350 or 400 mm. The best protective coatings make a metal roof tile resistant to damage caused by weather, environmental and mechanical factors and affect the durability of the entire cover.

In the interests of the highest quality of the metal roofing tiles, we subject them to detailed control during production and independent research in Polish and foreign accredited research units. Confirmation is industry prizes awarded to our products and their presence in demanding markets of the European Union.

What to consider in choosing a metal roofing sheets?

The type and thickness of the protective coating used is responsible for the durability of the roof tile, whose task is to protect the core steel against mechanical damage, urban pollution, moisture and the harmful effects of UV radiation. The best protection is given by polyurethane coatings (like Purlak and Purmat) with a thickness of 50 µm. A slightly smaller thickness of 40 µm have polyester-polythane coatings, also called hybrid (like Purmax), and the smallest 25-35 µm polyester coatings (such as gloss polyester). When buying a metal roof tile, pay attention to the properties of the coating we choose and adapt it to the environment in which our house is located. Polyester coverage is definitely enough to suburban and urban areas, where environmental aggressiveness is not high. In coastal locations and cities with a high degree of pollution, it will be better to use a polyurethane coating, which is characterized by higher corrosion resistance.

In the case of Pruszyński’s offer, the highest warranty reaches up to 50 years (for polyurethane coatings). In order not to lose it, it is important to protect the roofing sheet coating during transport, caution when processing and complying with the roof maintenance rules described by the manufacturer.

The completeness of the roofing ensure
roof windows and gutter systems

To make the roof tight, durable and aesthetic, the Pruszyński company offers the necessary accessories for all metal roofing tiles: screws, gąsiui and other flashings matching the color of the roofing tiles, as well as sealing tapes, fitting paints and flat metal sheets for unusual roofing.

Are you looking for other ideas for finishing the roof?

In our offer you will find a rich list of high -quality light roofing covers at attractive prices. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our products!