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Trapezoidal sheets – construction

The construction of large -scale industrial or commercial facilities is associated with the use of materials of excellent quality, which is defined by high strength and stiffness. These include trapezoidal structural sheets, which are widely used as a material for covering roofs with large spans and as a self -supporting material for building walls. In our offer you will find construction trapezoids with profiles:

T50P, T55P, T60P, T84, T92P, T94, T130, T135, T135P, T140, T150, T155, T160, T200

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T60P - Blacha trapezowa konstrukcyjna T60P
construction trapezoidal sheets
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T84 - Blacha trapezowa konstrukcyjna T84
construction trapezoids sheets
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T94 - Blacha trapezowa konstrukcyjna T94
construction trapezoidal sheets
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T92P - Blacha trapezowa konstrukcyjna T92P
construction trapezoidal sheet
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T130 - Blacha trapezowa konstrukcyjna T130
Trapezy Konstrukcyjne
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T135 - Blacha trapezowa konstrukcyjna T135
construction trapezoidal sheets
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T130 - Blacha trapezowa konstrukcyjna T133
construction trapezoidal sheets
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T135P - Blacha trapezowa konstrukcyjna T135P
construction trapezoidal sheets
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T140 - Blacha trapezowa konstrukcyjna T140
construction trapezoidal sheets
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T150 - Blacha trapezowa konstrukcyjna T150
construction trapezoidal sheets
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T155 - Blacha trapezowa konstrukcyjna T155
construction trapezoidal sheets
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T160 - Blacha trapezowa konstrukcyjna T160
construction trapezoidal sheets
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T200 - Blacha trapezowa konstrukcyjna T200
construction trapezoidal sheets
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T50P - Blacha trapezowa konstrukcyjna T50P
construction trapezoidal sheets
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T55P - Blacha trapezowa konstrukcyjna T55P
construction trapezoidal sheets
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What are trapezoidal sheets?

Trapezoidal structural sheets belong to a group of high -profile trapezoidal sheets, which provides them with high strength. This feature has decided to use trapezoidal sheets in construction, including in the construction of large -scale industrial or commercial facilities, because they take an active part in the transfer of loads. Construction profiles, like low -profiled trapezoidal sheet, characterized by a trapezoid -shaped cross -section, but they have a much higher embossing, which are marked with the letter T and a number corresponding to the height of the embossing in mm. For this group of products, these are sheets from T50 (50 mm) to T200 (200 mm). Construction steel is used for their production for carrying large stresses, such as S 320 GD and S 350 GD. Most often they are galvanized sheets, which can additionally be coated with protective and color coatings, such as polyurethane.

blacha trapezowa Blachy Pruszyński

The use of trapezoidal structural sheets

Construction trapezoidal sheet is most often used for the construction of large industrial, warehouse and commercial facilities:

  • for the execution of large -scale isolated flat roofing
  • in load -bearing constructions with large spans
  • for the ceilings
  • as a self -supporting construction material
  • as lost formwork, etc.

Trapezoidal sheet with a smaller profile is an excellent material for garage doors, fences, facades and roofs, which are usually made of coated sheet.

Easy assembly
The standardized parameters, a large range of accessories and complementary products ensure quick and trouble -free assembly.
The highest quality with attention to the investment budget. A wide range of trapezoidal profiles allows you to optimally adapt the product to the investment requirements and thus optimize the necessary amount of components, which ensures significant savings!
Kompletny dach
Wide range of applications
Different needs, different applications – different products. We offer one of the widest palettes of construction trapezoids and we are able to offer a product tailored to each investment.
Jakość i trwałość
Durability and resistance
The material of the batch for our products comes from the best steelworks in the world by Accelor Mittal. In addition, our high expectations guarantee that the purchased product is the highest quality component. On request, we are also able to offer additional trapezoid covering with dedicated protective coatings.

Advantages of our trapezoidal structural sheets

Pruszyński Blachy products are above all excellent parameters of the sheet used for their production. The trapezoidal structural sheets of our company have compliance with the harmonized standard EN 1090-1, declaration of functional properties, “CE” sign and ZKP certificate, which enable them to freely use in construction in the European Union. The most appreciated advantages include:

  • wide offer: profile height from T50 to T200 (and more – on a special order), which makes them suitable for many applications
  • The varied thickness of the trapezoidal sheet used (from 0.5 to 1.7 mm)
  • A set of accessories, including: screws, nails, seals, anti -condensation non -woven
  • Possibility of perforation
    favorable utility parameters: Effective coverage width
  • Standard availability in coatings: gloss polyester, zinc, allusine, which improve functional values (resistance to weather conditions) and aesthetic objects
  • Product lightness accelerating assembly
  • good price.

The strength of individual models is influenced by the crease height, the thickness of the sheet used, but also the spacing of the support, which should specify the design in detail. Help when designing and installing trapezoidal sheets are load tables and assembly instructions developed by our company, thanks to which the laborious calculation of effective geometric characteristics of thin -walled products with complex shapes is avoided.

blacha trapezowa konstrukcyjna

Types of structural trapezoidal sheet

Trapezoidal structural sheets available on the market are distinguished mainly based on their parameters such as mechanical strength, load resistance or large temperature changes that affect the way they are used: for roofing, building ceilings, walls or facades.

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Trapezoidal structural sheets in our offer

Currently, Blachy Pruszyński’s offer includes 15 models of trapezoidal sheet metal sheets, which differ primarily in the profile cross -section:

  • T50P
  • T55P
  • T60P
  • T84
  • T94
  • T92P
  • T130
  • T133
  • T135
  • T135P
  • T140
  • T150
  • T155 
  • T160 
  • T200 

In addition, individual models differ in the width of the load, usable width, sheet thickness (05-1.5 mm) and minimum and maximum recommended sheet length. Thanks to this diversity, it is much easier to choose a model best suited to the needs of the investor.

What to consider in choosing a structural sheet?

The main criterion for choosing a structural sheet should be the place and the way it is used. It is worth studying the manufacturer’s offer and consulting technical advisors to choose the right product, because some models will work better, e.g. on the facade of an industrial or commercial building, others as elements of wall structure, and others for roofing.

The next selection factors are: profile height and type of protective coating, which was covered with a structural trapezoidal sheet. This last factor is that sheet metal maintains its usability even after many years of operation. For these reasons, it is worth relying on reputable manufacturers who provide valuable technical help and offer a long -term warranty for their products.

Structural trapezoidal sheets from Pruszyński

If you are planning an investment in the construction of a large -scale facility, which requires the highest quality products with increased strength, read our offer of trapezoidal structural sheets. Contact our advisers who will help you choose models best fulfilling their functions, affecting the safety of the building and its appearance for many years.

The completeness of the roofing ensure roof windows and gutter systems

To make the roof tight, durable and aesthetic, the Pruszyński company offers the necessary accessories for all metal roofing tiles: screws, gąsiui and other flashings matching the color of the roofing tiles, as well as sealing tapes, fitting paints and flat metal sheets for unusual roofing.

Your investment requires other trapezoids?

Our company offers a very wide range of trapezoidal sheets with different profiles and use. All trapezoidal sheets may also be subject to perforation. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer below.