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Centrum rozkroju blach

Sheet metal cutting center

We offer a universal basket for Euro -pallets, which is prepared for installation in most types of semi -trailers.

Blachy Pruszyński has a modern line for cutting longitudinal galvanized and coated steel sheets. The maximum width of the cut tape can be a maximum of 1.5 meters and the thickness up to 3mm. Cutting knives have any adjustment thanks to special distance rings, which allows you to optimally set the cutting limiting waste to a minimum. The company’s offer also includes services made of entrusted material.
It is also possible to prepare sheets or forms according to your wishes.
Sheets are available:

  • Galvanized steel coated with organic coatings

       th. 0,50 – 1,50 mm

  • galvanized steel

       th. 0,50 – 3,00 mm

  • Steel with allusine coating

       th. 0,50 – 0,70 mm