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Wool wall – wall layered panels – Pruszyński

Mineral wool is used in the construction of facilities for many industries: industry, trade or public utilities, as well as in single -family housing and households – wherever the insulation of external, partition or attic is needed. The market offers various products that fulfills this task in which wool is used as a high -quality insulation mat offered in the form of rolls or as a core of sandwich panels. The popularity of this material results from its excellent parameters – it is non -flammable, vapor -permeable and sound -absorbing material, and at the same time is characterized by high resistance to mold and fungi.

In our offer you will find boards with different properties with a core of mineral wool. In the case of our company, this is the second generation of those products that was based on market experience, numerous research, as well as using the latest technologies available. The production is implemented on a completely new production line, launched in 2020.

  • Wall panels with a coverage width of 1150 mm allow for simple and quick installation to various types of structures using appropriate through fasteners. Properly designed and profiled pen locks, ensure very good tightness and refractory.
  • “Pruszyński” layered plates are produced in accordance with the latest technology. The modern and fully automated production line as well as properly qualified staff allows you to fully meet all customer expectations as to the quality and the highest standards of the products offered.
  • Layered boards with a core made of mineral wool and PWS2-MW / PWS2-MW EKO consist of two steel sheet cladding and a structural and insulation core. The external cladding of the plates is made of steel sheets with thicknesses from 0.5 mm are covered with metallic and organic coatings.
  • The core of PWS2-MW plates is mineral wool with a density of 120 kg/m3, in the case of PWS boards-in ecological “EKO” (PWS-in “EKO”) with a density of 80 kg/m3.
  • A novelty in the family of sandwich panels are boards with a second generation wool core with improved utility parameters and properties. The PWS2-MW plate core is mineral wool with a density of 115 kg/m3. In the next one, we anticipate the introduction of boards with a 2nd generation woolen core with additional purpose (eco, roof, acoustic, etc.).

The cladding with the core is connected in the production cycle with two -component polyurethane glue.

Blachodachówka na wymiar - wydajność, uniwersalność i ekonomiczność

What are wool wool wall (PWS2-MW-ST)?

Like other sandwich panels, a second generation standard wool wall (PWS2-MW-ST) consist of two layers of steel sheet cladding and a structural and insulation core. In this case, it is mineral wool with a density of 115 kg/m3, which is the most favorable solution for fire -fighting reasons and very well absorbs sound. The outer cladding move the loads, stiffens the plate and perfectly protect wool from weather conditions. They are made of 0.5 mm thick steel sheet (it is also possible to use a sheet with a thickness of 0.4 to 0.7 mm) and covered with metallic and organic coatings, which are characterized by high resistance to weather conditions, rust or mechanical damage . Properly designed and profiled pen locks provide products with very good tightness and refractory.

Advantages of woolen sandwich panels

The Wool Standard offer allows them to be used in buildings for various purposes and technical and architectural requirements. The Pruszyński sheet offer includes products with a core of mineral wool with different properties, bringing real benefits:

The numerous advantages of this product, which can be included in:

Simple and quick assembly
Wall panels with a coverage width of 1150 mm allow for simple and quick installation to various types of structures using appropriate through fasteners. Properly designed and profiled pen locks ensure very good tightness and refractory.
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Own warehouse and production facilities
The own production and storage facilities, which are available to the “Pruszyński” company, guarantee that all components of the layered plate with mineral wool are of the highest quality, are stored in optimal conditions, and thus guarantee excellent production parameters.
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High quality of products and workmanship
A modern and fully automated production line and a properly qualified staff understanding customer expectations, as to the quality ensure high quality of products and services
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High parameters of thermal insulation and fire resistance
The cladding with the core is connected in the production cycle with two -component polyurethane glue. Connecting inside the plate is milled, thanks to which they are metal, which increases the stiffness of the plate, and significantly increases thermal insulation.
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Individually composed glue raising parameters
Based on their own experience, laboratory facilities as well as cooperation with leading industrial chemistry producers in Poland, we have created and we use the individually composed glue, which is unique on the market and perfectly suited to our second generation sandwich panels

Application of layered wool standard

As for the type of construction, wall layered panels-like wool, a standard wall (PWS2-MW-ST), is most often used as curtain walls for the construction of industrial facilities, shopping centers, warehouses, sports halls, also in carrier refrigeration or in buildings buildings and also with sports buildings. Basically, their role is:

  • Filling light partition walls
  • Attic and non -usable attic isolation
  • filling the ceiling between joists or suspended ceiling
  • External wall element (skeletal construction)

Wool wall, a second generation standard, Pruszyński sheet production, can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, and thanks to the rich color palette and a variety of profiling shape, boards are willingly used in various types of architectural projects.

Wall layered panels with a core of mineral wool PWS2-MW-ST should be used on the basis of a technical design, developed for a specific building, taking into account applicable standards and regulations, in particular the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 12 April 2002 on the technical conditions of which Buildings and their location should correspond. (Journal of Laws No. 75, item 690).

Wool sandwich panels in our offer

In the offer of the Pruszyński company, the Wool wall panels system includes standard models (with a visible lock), plus (with a hidden lock), eco (lower core density, reducing purchase costs) and a roof (intended for roofing) with an effective width of 1050 or 1150 mm .

  • Plates with visible fastening (PWS2-MW-ST)
  • Wall panels with hidden fastening (PWS2-MW-PL)
  • Wall panels of reduced core density (PWS2-MW-EKO).

Second -generation woolen wall panels

The Pruszyński company’s offer includes 2 basic layered panel systems wool wall that includes standard models (with a visible lock) and a plus wall (with a hidden lock) with an effective width of 1050 or 1150 mm. Both Standard and PL discs are fully compatible for castles with plates from the PIRTECH line include:

Standard family products are models with a thickness of 60 to 240 and length 1150 mm:

  • PWS2-MW-ST 60
  • PWS2-MW-ST 80
  • PWS2-MW-ST 100
  • PWS2-MW-ST 120
  • PWS2-MW-ST 140
  • PWS2-MW-ST 160
  • PWS2-MW-ST 180
  • PWS2-MW-ST 200
  • PWS2-MW-ST 220
  • PWS2-MW-ST 240

The second category is modern wall panels with hidden mounting (PWS2-MW-PL), which uses a solution involving the unique contact geometry of the so-called “Triple” pen. They have a core thickness of 0D 100 to 240 mm and an effective width 1050 mm.

  • PWS2-MW-PL 100
  • PWS2-MW-PL 120
  • PWS2-MW-PL 140
  • PWS2-MW-PL 160
  • PWS2-MW-PL 180
  • PWS2-MW-PL 200
  • PWS2-MW-PL 220
  • PWS2-MW-PL 240

2-generation mineral wool mineral wool plates, are characterized by very good properties when it comes to thermal insulation-the heat transfer coefficient is from 0.39 UC W/(m2/k) for the PWS2-MW-ST 60 to even 0, 17 UC W/(M2/K) PWS2-MW-ST 240. If we also include its heat conduction coefficient, which for the entire series is 0.041 W/mk, we get a product that perfectly fits into the needs of modern skeletal construction for the needs of commercial investments .

For fire safety, roof and wall layered panels with mineral wool core have obtained classification based on fire tests in the field of fire response, the degree of fire spread and fire resistance in accordance with PN-EN 13501, PN-90/B-08267, PN-B-02851, PN-EN 13501. These features make our plates ideally suited for insulation of residential and farm buildings, attic of a usable oblique roof, suspended ceiling or filling the partition wall. They are irreplaceable when the mentioned buildings, due to the specifics of use, require the fulfillment of particularly high fire resistance standards.

What is the installation of wool standard boards?

PWS2-MW-ST sandwich panels can be attached to a steel or concrete substrate. Connecting to the steel structure is carried out via self -made fasteners, which are used to attach panels to a steel structure with a maximum wall thickness of 14 mm and are equipped with pads made of vulcanized EPDM. It is recommended to use connectors only with such pads, because they also play a role protecting the sheet metal cladding. The diameter of the working thread is 5.5 mm. In the case of steel structures, the thickness of which exceeds 14 mm and concrete, it is possible to use other connectors:

  • Special self -tapping connectors with a properly shaped outline of working thread are recommended for a steel ground (above 14 mm thick)
  • For concrete substrate – it is recommended to use special connectors with the expansion element or self -tapping connectors with a specially shaped working thread.

It is worth remembering to use specialized power tools to screw the connectors, i.e. a screwdriver with a special head enabling the proper running of the connector and a screwdr in the screwdriver. The pressure of the connector should be selected in such a way as not to deform the pad.

After assembly, remove all impurities, in particular filings and chips. Any interruption of the continuity of the paint coating must be protected with cladding -color paint. Corrections are made in points avoiding painting larger surfaces.

PWS-Wszyński layered plates have a specially designed lock, which significantly affects fire tightness, and milled wool increases insulation and tightness. When installing, ensure that the distance between the connectors and the axis of the symmetry of the panel connection is 40 mm.

In addition, pay attention during assembly not to damage the bottom edge of the plate. A good solution is to use a wooden block, and it is best to use the tile to squeeze the plates.

Colors play a big role in the way the wool Wool Standard Wool (PWS2-MW-ST) is installed. Dark colors make sandwich panels have high heat absorption ability and heat up to high temperatures. Especially on sunny days there may be local surface deformations. At the assembly stage, this factor should be taken into account and ensure the possibility of thermal movements (expansion joints) and use panels with limited length, and thus prevent local deformation of the product.

Dimensions of PWS2-MW-ST

In the case of wool layered plates, the designer must take into account the temperature differences between layered panels. Temperature gradients resulting from the temperature difference between external temperature and internal temperature depend on, among others

the purpose of the facility
facility location (location relative to the sun)
The color of the outer cladding.

The table below shows the permissible length of plates depending on the color of the cladding, assuming a minimum length of 2.5 MB for single -span systems. The maximum length of the plate is 18 MB, but it depends on the color chosen.

Color groupColorMax length. (m) *
Group I
Very bright colors
RAL: 1015, 7035, 9001, 9002, 901013,5 m
Group II
Bright colors
RAL: 1002, 1003, 1004, 1014, 1017, 1019, 1021, 1023, 1035, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 5012, 5018, 5024, 6018, 6021, 6033, 7000, 7037, 7040, 9006, 90229 m
Group III
Dark colors
RAL: 3000, 3002, 3003, 3005, 3011, 3013, 5002, 5005, 5009, 5010, 5011, 5022, 6000, 6003, 6005, 6011, 6020, 6029, 7015, 7016, 7022, 7024, 8016, 8017, 8023, 9005, 9007

RR: 750, 011, 028, 033, Dark walnut, golden oak
6 m

length resulting from the reduction of the maximum elongation/shortening of the plate

Detailed information on the length of the discs can be found in our wool product catalog.

The completeness of the investment offer is provided by a wide range of construction products for industrial investments

Blachy Pruszyński comprehensively approaches the needs of the market. Thanks to the wide range of lightweight tin buildings and construction products, we are able to respond to any market need – we invite you to familiarize yourself with our suggestions!

How to order layered wool wall standard?

Original WARTS WHOL STANDARD CDs are available on request at the headquarters and branches of Blachy Pruszyński throughout the country. In case of doubt as to the choice of the most appropriate models, we offer contact with our technical department. By phone or using the contact form you will find on our website.

Are you looking for other sandwich panels?

In addition to sandwich panels with a core of mineral wool intended for wall use, we have a range of products for other applications, as well as sandwich panels with pir foam core that offer outstanding thermal insulation parameters.

Wool Standard layered plates are products known from high -quality building insulation, the use of which improves the functional properties and safety of the object. That is why it is worth getting acquainted with our offer