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Contemporary construction and industry require simple, durable and multifunctional solutions that can be widely used. Steel construction profiles (otherwise, modular or system profiles) perform this function, which are a kind of skeletons or load -bearing elements for creating covers, frames and supports for industrial machines and devices, as well as the construction of light cover walls and roofing. Thanks to the simple construction, ease of assembly and disassembly, steel and aluminum construction profiles have gained great popularity in construction and many industries.

What are construction profiles for?

The wide purpose of construction profiles combines one basic function – made of lightweight, withstanding high loads and durable metal alloy, they are structural skeletons for other materials or the basis for the construction of machinery, walls or ceilings.

Depending on the application, construction profiles have different shapes – they refer to polygons with rounded corners, slats or cassettes and have grooves or holes that allow them to attach the same element or other products to them, e.g. roof tiles, wall insulation or facade coffers.

Types of construction profiles in our offer

Pruszyński sheets have been offering the highest class solutions for finishing the roofing, roof covering of wall solutions for nearly 40 years. Construction profiles in our offer are used to build thin -walled structures in utility and industrial facilities and for assembly of load -bearing structures for roofing metal sheets or trapezoidal sheets. These include the product categories described below:

Kaseta ścienna 600/200P

Wall cassettes

Material used for fast walls of walls, mainly industrial and warehouse halls, having the form of a profiled cassette with a characteristically rounded edges. We also offer a version of cassettes with perforation, which perfectly fulfill the role as sound absorbing elements for use inside buildings. Cassettes are available in many colors, the selection of which depends on the thickness of the sheet. The cassettes are produced for compliance with the harmonized EN 1090-1 standard, the declaration of functional properties is issued and are marked with the “CE” sign and the ZKP certificate is issued.

Technical solutions

We have our own laboratory and cooperate in many research units in the country and abroad. The effect of these activities is to develop solutions that allow me to meet the highest criteria in the field of fire protection, acoustic and resistance of materials on the impact of environmental factors.

Profile Z - profilekonstrukcyjne

Profiles Z, C, Σ (cold -headed sections)

These are cold -founded construction profiles made of galvanized steel tape. Their names refer to the shape of the vertical cross -section. These products are an ideal complement to the offer covering the light-building system and coverage of both industrial, commercial and service, light warehouse, modular halls and system halls. The element facilitating assembly are mounting holes, thanks to which it is possible to rigid and permanently connect the sections with screws or rivets. It is also worth adding that the holes can be made according to the client’s needs and the pattern sent. The sections are produced for compliance with the Harmonized EN 1090-1 standard, a declaration of functional properties is issued and are marked with the “CE” sign and the ZKP certificate is issued.

Łaty stalowe - omega 50

Omega profiles

Present on the market under the name Omega 20, Omega 30 and Omega 50, are profiles that act as elements to which external cladding, or wooden patches are attached to the installation of roof tiles or trapezoidal sheets. In our offer, these products are made of galvanized or coated steel sheet and are available in 10 colors from the RAL palette.

Smoke curtains

Smoke curtains are a very important part of the structure of industrial facilities, they are part of the gravitational smoke exhaust system, preventing uncontrolled spread of smoke. The Pruszyński Blachy offer is awarded with the Gold Medal at MTP Budma for 2022, a T-35KD smoke curtain, made of high quality galvanized steel.

Available dimensions of construction profiles in our offer

Trapezoidal sheets (13 models)

  • Material: Steel S 280 GD / S 320 GD / S 350 GD, thickness 0.5 – 1.50 mm
  • Profile height: from 50 (T50P) to 200 mm (T200)
  • min. Recommended length 1.5 MB, max 10/12 MB

Wall cassettes (14 models)

  • material S 320 GD, thickness 0.7 – 1.50 mm
  • width: standard 500 mm or 600 mm
  • Height: from 110 to 200 mm, depending on the model
  • min. Recommended length 1.5 MB, max 12 MB

Profiles Z, C, Σ (3 models)

  • Material: S280 GD steel tape, S350 GD, S350 GD + Z275; thickness 1.50 / 2.50 / 3.50 / 3.50 mm
  • Profile with: height: 100 – 400 mm, upper shelf width 48/60/65/75 mm, lower shelf width 53/68/76/85 mm
  • Profile C: Height 100 – 400 mm, shelf width C: 48/60/75 mm
  • Profile σ: total height 140 – 350 mm, agent height 30 – 240 mm, shelf width 70 mm.

Omga profiles (3 models)

  • Material: S280 GD steel – S350 GD + from 275, thickness D 0.5 to 0.7 mm (depending on the model)
  • Height: 20, 30 and 50 mm
  • min. Recommended length 0.5 MB, max. 8 MB (other lengths are set individually).

Construction profiles – advantages:

Characteristics of Blachy Pruszyński’s construction profiles indicate the most important advantages of this group of products:

  • the highest quality steel from world -renowned producers,
  • Resistance to high loads (development of profile strength calculations is carried out by our specialists based on the expectations provided by the investor),
  • high rigidity and durability of products,
  • low weight,
  • compatibility and availability of accessories,
  • The perfect plane of the grate
  • Technical support for designers and investors.

Why is it worth buying construction profiles from Pruszyński sheet?

The cited advantages and properties of the Pruszyński sheet metal profiles show that they are high -quality solutions that meet the most sophisticated expectations of investors, architects and contractors. A wide color palette, a wide range of shapes and very good mechanical properties allow the use of this type of elements in indoor, industrial and public construction.

Pruszyński is sure that the offered construction products, as fully developed and tested, are able to meet the highly set requirements of investors and architects in Poland and abroad.