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Master’s offer on your roof. We are proud sponsor of the Polish volleyball team, which recently won the bronze medal in the League of Nations. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the comprehensive and best offer on the market.

In our assortment you will find both roof tiles to size, panel sheet metal sheets, trapezoidal sheets, roof panels for seam, as well as a very wide range of accessories and flashings. Everything you need your roof to become a roof of dreams. Pruszyński sheets – we offer more than you think!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer

Blachodachówka SZAFIR


A wide range of roof profiles and available colors gives you the opportunity to match our products to virtually any roof. Dzięki produkowaniu arkuszy na konkretną długość odpady ograniczone są do minimum. The arrangement of tin covering is one of the cheapest and fastest. Pruszyński’s Blachy covers have up to 50 years warranty (the length of the warranty depends on the type of coating).


Thanks to many years of experience in jointly implemented projects, Pruszyński sheet has created a Platinium facade system, produced from Colorcoat Prisma Stal Tata Steel.

blacha trapezowqa konstrukcyjna

Trapezoidal sheets

Tłumacz mowę 330 / 5 000 Wyniki tłumaczenia Tłumaczenie Trapezoidal sheets are an economical material for covering roofs and facades. Wide selection of profiles – from a height of 6 mm to 200 mm –and types of sheet metal (galvanized, coated) allows for various use on roofs and facades, gates and fences, as well as load -bearing structures in individual and industrial construction.


Sandwich panels

Currently, it is difficult to imagine construction, especially indoor public utilities, industrial and agricultural (storage, cold stores, freezing, farm animals) without housing (shielding walls, roofs) in the form of sandwich panels, especially from plates in metal cladding

blacha trapezowqa konstrukcyjna


Contemporary construction and industry require simple, durable and multifunctional solutions that can be widely used. Steel construction profiles (otherwise, modular or system profiles) perform this function, which are a kind of skeletons or load -bearing elements for creating covers, frames and supports for industrial machines and devices, as well as the construction of light cover walls and roofing.


Niagara gutters

Niagara gutters proposed by our company are a complete drainage system – ideal for every roof, it is intended for new and renovated buildings regardless of the type of covering.

Akcesoria dachowe


For the proper functioning of the roof, it is necessary to use roofing accessories. They include, among others: roofing screws or nails, seals, sealing collars, ventilation fireplaces, roof communication, snow barriers.