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plyta warstwowa welniana II generacji

WOOLTECH (wool) Roof – rooftop sandwich panels – mineral wool – second generation – visible joint

Wool sandwich panels are high-quality profiled sheets used as a cladding for a core made of mineral wool. In the case of roof sandwich panels with a wool core, the external cladding has additional trapezoidal profiling to increase the stiffness of the entire product and meet the high requirements of load and technical parameters. This product perfectly meets the needs of modern large-scale construction, especially public utility, industrial and agricultural halls. The wool core increases the stiffness of the product and at the same time offers exceptional fire resistance parameters, which are necessary for buildings whose intended use requires particularly high coefficients in this area. Additionally, roof sandwich panels are perfect when there are requirements regarding acoustic insulation. Blachy Pruszyński’s offer includes a complete range of products with a wool core, from sandwich wall panels, through wall sandwich panels with a hidden lock, boards with reduced core density (EKO), and roof sandwich panels. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the range of our products with a polyurethane foam core and metal cladding, such as PIRTECH wall and roof sandwich panels from Blachy Pruszyński.

Key features

  • What are roof sandwich panels with a wool core?
  • Wool sandwich panels application
  • Available types and types of sandwich panels
  • How to install sandwich panels?
  • Available lengths of sandwich panels
  • Where to buy PRUSZYŃSKI WOOLTECH sandwich panels?

Our offer includes boards with various properties with a mineral wool core. In the case of our company, this is the second generation of these products, which was created on the basis of market experience, numerous research, and the use of the latest available technologies. Production is carried out on a completely new production line, launched in 2020.

  • Wall panels with a covering width of 1150 mm allow for simple and quick assembly to various types of structures using appropriate pass-through connectors. Properly designed and profiled tongue-and-groove locks ensure very good tightness and fire resistance.
  • “PRUSZYŃSKI” sandwich panels are manufactured according to the latest technology. A modern and fully automated production line and suitably qualified staff allow us to fully meet all customer expectations regarding the quality and highest standards of the offered products.
  • Roof sandwich panels with a mineral wool core PWD2-MW consist of two steel sheet claddings and a structural and insulating core. The external cladding of the boards is made of steel sheet with a thickness of 0.5 mm and is covered with metallic and organic coatings. Additionally, the external cladding has trapezoidal profiling, which significantly increases the load-bearing capacity and stiffness of the entire product and facilitates the drainage of rainwater.
  • The core of the PWS2-MW panels is mineral wool with a density of 115 kg/m3. This is the second generation of these boards in our offer, which draws on extensive market experience, numerous research and tests we have carried out, as well as individual solutions that have been used (such as a special glue created to our order).
  • In the near future, we plan to introduce 2nd generation wool core boards for additional purposes (acoustic board) for sale.

The linings and the core are connected during the production cycle using a two-component polyurethane adhesive.

hala magazynowa z plyty warstwowej

What are WOOLTECH Roof sandwich panels (PWD2-MW)?

Like other sandwich panels, WŁNA DACH second generation (PWD2-MW) consists of two layers of steel sheet cladding and a structural and insulating core. In this case, it is mineral wool with a density of 115 kg/m3, which is the most advantageous solution for fire protection reasons and absorbs sound very well. The external linings transfer the loads, stiffen the board and perfectly protect the wool from weather conditions. They are made of steel sheet with a thickness of 0.5 mm (it is also possible to use sheet metal with a thickness of 0.4 to 0.7 mm) and covered with metallic and organic coatings, which are characterized by high resistance to weather conditions, rust and mechanical damage. . Properly designed and profiled tongue-and-groove locks ensure very good tightness and fire resistance of the products.

Advantages of wool sandwich panels

The offer of WOOLTECH sandwich panels allows their use in buildings with various purposes and technical and architectural requirements. BLACHY PRUSZYŃSKI’s offer includes products with a mineral wool core with various properties that bring real benefits:

The numerous advantages of this product include:

Simple and quick assembly
Wall panels with a covering width of 1150 mm allow for simple and quick assembly to various types of structures using appropriate pass-through connectors. Properly designed and profiled tongue-and-groove locks ensure very good tightness and fire resistance.
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Own warehouse and production facilities
The Pruszyński company’s own production and storage facilities guarantee that all components of the mineral wool sandwich panel are of the highest quality, are stored in optimal conditions, and thus guarantee excellent production parameters.
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Wysoka jakość produktów i wykonania
A modern and fully automated production line and suitably qualified staff who understand customer expectations regarding quality ensure high quality products and services.
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Wysokie parametry izolacyjności cieplnej i ognioodporności
The linings and the core are connected during the production cycle using a two-component polyurethane adhesive. The joints inside the board are milled, thanks to which they are interlocked, which increases the stiffness of the board and greatly improves thermal insulation.
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Indywidualnie skomponowany klej podnoszący parametry
Based on our own experience, laboratory facilities and cooperation with leading producers of industrial chemicals in Poland, we have created and use an individually composed adhesive that is unique on the market and perfectly matched to our second generation sandwich panels.

Application of Wool Roof sandwich panels

When it comes to the type of construction, wall sandwich panels – such as WOOLTECH ROOF (PWD2-MW), are used as roof coverings in the construction of industrial facilities, shopping centers, warehouses, sports halls, also in transportable cold stores or in construction site facilities, as well as in buildings. sports. Basically their role is:

  • roofing
  • insulation of usable and unused attics
  • ensuring adequate roof stiffness
  • an element that strengthens the entire structure
  • may serve a platform for photovoltaic installations

Roof sandwich panels with a PWD2-MW mineral wool core should be used on the basis of a technical design developed for a specific building, taking into account applicable standards and regulations, in particular the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of April 12, 2002 on the technical conditions they should meet. buildings and their location. (Journal of Laws No. 75, item 690).

Wool sandwich panels in our offer

PRUSZYŃSKI’s offer of the WOOLTECH wall sandwich panel system includes STANDARD models (with a visible lock), PLUS (with a hidden lock), EKO (lower core density, reducing purchase costs) and DACH (intended for roof covering) with an effective width of 1050 or 1150 mm .

  • Panels with visible joint (PWS2-MW-ST)
  • Wall panels with hidden joint (PWS2-MW-PL)
  • Wall panels with reduced core density (PWS2-MW-EKO).

Woolen roof panels, second generation

PRUSZYŃSKI’s offer includes two basic wall sandwich panel systems: WŁNA Ściana, which includes STANDARD models (with a visible lock) and SZYNA PLUS (with a hidden lock) with an effective width of 1050 or 1150 mm. Both STANDARD and PL boards are fully compatible in terms of locks with PIRTECH boards. However, when it comes to roof sandwich panels, WOLNA Roof, we have a wide range of products with various core thicknesses:

Products from the DACH family include models with a thickness of 60 to 240 and a length of 1150 mm:

  • PWD2-MW 100
  • PWD2-MW 120
  • PWD2-MW 140
  • PWD2-MW 160
  • PWD2-MW 180
  • PWD2-MW 200
  • PWD2-MW 230
  • PWD2-MW 240
  • PWD2-MW 250

WOOLTECH DACH mineral wool boards of the second generation are characterized by very good thermal insulation properties – the heat transfer coefficient ranges from 0.38 Uc W/(m2/K) for the PWD2-MW 100 board to EVEN 0.16 Uc W /(m2/K) PWD2-MW 250. If we also take into account its thermal conductivity coefficient, which for the entire series is 0.041 W/mK, we get a product that perfectly fits the needs of modern frame construction for commercial investments.

Due to fire safety, roof and wall sandwich panels with a mineral wool core have been classified on the basis of fire tests in terms of reaction to fire, degree of fire spread and fire resistance in accordance with PN-EN 13501, PN-90/B-08267, PN-B-02851, PN-EN 13501. These features make our boards ideal for insulating residential and farm buildings, attics, sloping roofs, suspended ceilings or partition walls. They are irreplaceable when the mentioned buildings, due to the specific use, require meeting particularly high fire resistance standards.

What does the installation of Wełna Dach panels look like?

PWD2-MW sandwich panels are attached to a steel substrate. The connection to the steel structure is made using self-drilling connectors, which are used to attach the boards to a steel structure with a maximum wall thickness of 14 mm and are equipped with washers made of vulcanized EPDM. It is recommended to use fasteners only with such washers, as they additionally protect the coating of the sheet metal cladding. The diameter of the working thread is 5.5 mm. In the case of steel structures whose thickness exceeds 14 mm and concrete structures, it is possible to use other connectors:

  • For steel substrates (over 14 mm thick), special self-tapping fasteners with an appropriately shaped working thread outline are recommended,
  • For concrete substrates – it is recommended to use special connectors with an expansion element or self-tapping connectors with a specially shaped working thread.

It is worth remembering to use specialized power tools to screw in connectors, i.e. a screwdriver with a special head enabling proper guidance of the connector and a screwing depth limiter. The clamping force of the connector should be selected in such a way as not to deform the washer.

After completing the assembly, remove all impurities, especially filings and shavings. Any interruptions in the continuity of the paint coating must be protected with touch-up paint in the color of the cladding. We make spot corrections, avoiding painting larger surfaces.

PWD2-MW Pruszyński sandwich panels have a specially designed joints that significantly improves fire resistance, and milled wool increases insulation and tightness. During installation, ensure that the distance of the connectors from the axis of the center of symmetry of the board connection is 40 mm.

Moreover, during installation, be careful not to damage the lower edge of the board. A good solution is to use a wooden block, and it is best to use a tightening belt to press the boards together.

Colors play a big role in the method of installation of WEŁNA DACH (PWD2-MW) panels. Dark colors make sandwich panels have a high heat absorption capacity and heat up to high temperatures. Local surface deformations may occur, especially on sunny days. At the assembly stage, this factor should be taken into account and the possibility of thermal movements (expansion joints) should be ensured and boards of limited length should be used, thus preventing local deformations of the product.

Dimensions of PWD2-MW panels (roof)

In the case of wool sandwich panels, the designer must take into account temperature differences between the facings of the sandwich panels. Temperature gradients resulting from the temperature difference between the outside temperature and the inside temperature depend on, among others,

  • purpose of the object
  • location of the object (location relative to the sun)
  • color of external cladding.

The table below shows the permissible board lengths depending on the cladding color, assuming a minimum length of 2.5 m for single-span systems. The maximum length of the board is 16 meters*, and it depends on the selected color.

Group colorColorMax length. (LM) **
Grupa I
Very bright colors
RAL: 1015, 7035, 9001, 9002, 901016 m
Grupa II
Bright colors
RAL: 1002, 1003, 1004, 1014, 1017, 1019, 1021, 1023, 1035, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 5012, 5018, 5024, 6018, 6021, 6033, 7000, 7037, 7040, 9006, 902216 m
Grupa III
Dark colors
RAL: 3000, 3002, 3003, 3005, 3011, 3013, 5002, 5005, 5009, 5010, 5011, 5022, 6000, 6003, 6005, 6011, 6020, 6029, 7015, 7016, 7022, 7024, 8016, 8017, 8023, 9005, 9007

RR: 750, 011, 028, 033, Ciemny Orzech, Złoty Dąb
13,5*** m

* when determining the maximum length, the thickness of the board should also be taken into account. Boards with a core thickness of up to 60 mm have reduced maximum lengths

** length resulting from the limitation of the maximum lengthening/shortening of the board

*** upon express request and after signing the declaration by the client, it is possible to prepare 16 m long boards in colors from Group III

Detailed information on the length of the boards can be found in our WOOL product catalogue.

The completeness of the investment offer is ensured by a wide range of construction products intended for industrial investments

Blachy Pruszyński takes a comprehensive approach to market needs. Thanks to a wide range of lightweight sheet metal products as well as construction products, we are able to respond to every market need – we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offers!

How to order WOOLTECH Roof sandwich panels?

Are you looking for different sandwich panels?

In addition to sandwich panels with a mineral wool core intended for roofing, we also offer our customers a range of products intended for other applications, as well as sandwich panels with a PIR foam core, which offer outstanding thermal insulation parameters.

WELNA DACH sandwich panels are known for their high-quality roof insulation products, the use of which improves the functional properties and safety of the facility. That’s why it’s worth checking out our offer