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Dom jednorodzinny pod Białymstokiem

Panel/modular roof tile

Panel metal tiles, also called modular, are currently the most popular material among light roofing. Visually, it brings to mind the aesthetics of ceramic tiles, although it is more than 10 times lighter than it.

Panel metal tile is also a perfect solution for the replacement of the old roofing with new ones – It is light and does not burden the roof structure like ceramic or concrete tiles, and at the same time allows you to achieve very diverse effects, which makes it an ideal material for roofing in almost every style – highlander, Scandinavian, classic and very modern.

Tigra - Blachodachówka modułowa - panelowa Tigra
Modular roof tile - panel
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Blachodachowka FIORD Fiord
Modular roof tile - panel
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Blachodachowka PLASKA Flat
Modular roof tile - panel
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Regle - Blachodachówka modułowa - panelowa Regle
Modular roof tile - panel
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Blachodachowka PLASKA PLUS Flat PLUS
Modular roof tile - panel
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Blachodachowka panelowa MODUS Modus
Modular roof tile - panel
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Loara - Blachodachówka modułowa - panelowa Loara
Modular roof tile - panel
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Blachodachowka REN Ren
Modular roof tile - panel
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Modular roof tile - panel
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What are modular roof tiles?

Unlike the roof tiles in the sheet, modular sheets have the form of a small panel length of 320-350 mm, which resembles a government or two rows of traditional tile. The small size of the panels makes them more convenient than large sheet of metal roofing sheets when it comes to transport, transfer and storage. They also have a smaller tendency to wave sheet metal on the roof surface associated with thermal expansion of this material.

Dom jednorodzinny pokrycie dachowe, blachodachowka panelowa Blachy Pruszynski

Advantages of Pruszyński panel roof tiles

Panel metal sheet is also more universal than tinsmiths to size, because it is perfect for both straight and more complicated roofs. Thanks to its small size, they can be precisely adapted without generating a large amount of waste. Even on a ready -made roof, a small format makes it easier to carry out assembly or service works without the need to disassemble the entire slope – just remove one panel, replace it with another or insert, e.g. a roof window.

Blachy Pruszyński offers for all roofing metal sheets, the necessary accessories with sheet metal machines, including screws, thickets, sealing tapes, flat paints and flat sheets for unusual roofing. To eliminate the possibility of making errors during assembly, we equipped the panels with factory-made holes- they allow for quick and precise combination of sheets, and the lack of drilling causes a lack of metallic filings that cause corrosion.

Roofing sheets are tested in independent institutions and thorough quality control carried out in our plants.

Uncompilized assembly
Roofers are distinguished by deep castles. After laying one sheet on the other, it somehow falls into the zipper, preventing incorrect installation and the symmetry of the profile causes that it can be mounted from any side.
Long warranty
Thanks to the use of advanced protective coatings, protecting against UV radiation and corrosion, we provide a warranty for our metal roofing tiles up to 50 years.
Kompletny dach
Rich colors
You can choose the color of the cover from a rich color palette and match it to the color of the facade or surrounding houses, or choose a completely different color, thus distinguishing your roof.
Jakość i trwałość
The variety of shapes
The largest selection of panel sheet metal roof tiles on the market – from those with a completely flat shape, to wave -shaped sheets.
Szerokie zastosowanie
For complex roofs
Blachy panelowe idealnie nadają się na wielopołaciowe dachy, z dużą ilością okien czy z lukarnami. Ze względu na swój stosunkowo mały format są łatwe do wniesienia na dach i montaż. Dzięki zastosowaniu blach modułowych ogranicza się ilość powstających odpadów, zwłaszcza tam gdzie pojawia się duża liczba koniecznych cięć blachy.

Modular roof tiles in our offer

The unique design of the metal roofing plate produced by Pruszyński gives great stylistic possibilities: it resembles an exclusive ceramic, classic profiled and modern flat tile, imitating traditional shingle or create an original roof drawing. Our offer currently includes as many as 9 models:

  • Panel sapphire
  • Panel tigra (only available as panel)
  • Panel fjord
  • Panel Rhine
  • Flat (only available as panel)
  • Flat plus (only available as panel)
  • Panel loay
  • Regle
  • Panel modus

Pruszyński panel metal roof tiles are available in all protective coatings, including polyurethane pulamatates and Purlak, which to the highest extent combine protection against corrosion, mechanical damage and color change caused by UV radiation. In addition, only in the case of panel metal sheet

Individual models differ in the height of the embossing, profile height, as well as the effective surface of coverage. It is worth coming back that the modular metal roof tile in our offer appears as a single -dual or dual -dual -dual, which corresponds to one or two rows of tiles.

Blachodachowka panelowa LOARA

Custom -made metal roof tile – price

Roofing using flat and wavy panel roof tiles Pruszyński combine quality with the highest safety standard. The price of the product depends on the selected variant, including the selected protective coating.

Check our price list.

Parameters of our metal roof tiles

The roof covering with a metal roof tile is a selection of products of the highest quality. Steel for its production comes from reputable suppliers, the largest steel concerns such as ArcelorMittal, Salzgitter, Dad Steel and Voestalpine. The sheets are made of 0.50 mm thick sheet metal, with a zinc layer with a z-275g/m² thickness. Depending on the model, they are available in two module lengths – 350 or 400 mm. The best protective coatings make a metal roof tile resistant to damage caused by weather, environmental and mechanical factors and affect the durability of the entire cover.

In the interests of the highest quality of the metal roofing tiles, we subject them to detailed control during production and independent research in Polish and foreign accredited research units. Confirmation is industry prizes awarded to our products and their presence in demanding markets of the European Union.

What to consider in choosing a metal roofing sheets?

The choice of a specific model of panel metal roof tiles affects the method of mounting and preparation of the roof structure, which is why the purchase decision should be taken at the early stages of construction. The roofing should be selected not only because of the preferred style or color, but also the shape and degree of complexity of the roof. Modular roof tile is ideal for multi-shaped roofs, which have many breakdowns (e.g. dormers, facades)- appropriate arrangement on the slope and cutting on the spot will allow you to minimize waste, i.e. saving on the material. It is also the right choice for roofs with a relatively simple and regular form.

When buying a metal roof tile, you should carefully choose the type and thickness of the protective coating, which determines the durability of the entire roofing and the length provided by the manufacturer’s warranty. In our company’s offer, in two protective coatings Purlak and Purmat, protection reaches 50 years. Polyester, hybrid and polyurethane coatings ensure a varied level of corrosion resistance, UV radiation and scratches, so it is worth considering the factors for which roofing is exposed in the long time. The choice of panel metal roof tiles from a reputable manufacturer is also a larger selection and a better fit in terms of quality, color and style of flashings, which are an aesthetic roof finish.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of panel (modular) metal rocks

Look at the Catalog of Panel Roofing Blach Pruszyński and see which model fits into the style of your home and surroundings design!

The completeness of the roofing ensure roof windows and gutter systems

To make the roof tight, durable and aesthetic, the Pruszyński company offers the necessary accessories for all metal roofing tiles: screws, gąsiui and other flashings matching the color of the roofing tiles, as well as sealing tapes, fitting paints and flat metal sheets for unusual roofing.

Are you looking for other ideas for finishing the roof?

In our offer you will find a rich list of high -quality light roofing covers at attractive prices. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our products!