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Trapezoidal metal sheet

Trapezoidal sheets are an economical material for covering roofs and facades. We offer a wide selection of profiles - from a height of 6 mm to even 200 mm - and types of sheet metal (galvanized, coated). Such a wide range allows for various applications on roofs and facades, gates and fences as well as load -bearing structures in individual and industrial construction.

Low profile trapezoidal sheet can be used for covering facade surfaces (T6 – T60) and roof (T14 – T60) of single -family houses, garages and small commercial facilities. However, higher profiles, due to their strength, are used on roofs with large span and in load -bearing structures. Profiles with T50 – T200 are used in the construction of large industrial, commercial and service facilities. The highest (T135 – T200) are used in supporting constructions, with significant spans (flat roofs with large surfaces) and to make ceilings.

In addition, the trapezoid offer in our production is complemented by additional services in the form of machine perforation of sheet metal, which we perform according to a number of available templates or according to an individual customer order.

Trapezoidal sheets are characterized by strength, rigidity of the structure and the economy of use.

Various use of trapezoidal sheets can be divided into three main categories.

  • roofs
  • Elevation coverage
  • As an element of the structure

Trapezoidal sheets – we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer

T45 - Blacha trapezowa elewacyjna

Elevation trapezoids

Facade trapezoidal sheets are a commonly found element of light tin buildings. Due to the lower profile, they have weaker load capacity parameters, but thanks to this they offer a large coverage area, which is an ideal solution in the case of facades, where the right structural elements are responsible for the load capacity. It is also worth remembering that trapeze in our offer may be subject to additional treatment in the form of perforation, which is performed on modern machines in accordance with the client’s guidelines.

T45 - Blacha trapezowa na dach

Roof trapezoids

Low profile trapezoidal sheet can be used for covering facade surfaces (T6 – T60) and roof (T14 – T60) of single -family houses, garages and small commercial facilities. Importantly, although profiling is similar, depending on the application, the assembly of the sheet and the protective coating is different. Most often, roof trapezoids are used for smaller industrial and service buildings, farm or commercial buildings as well as, e.g. garages. Nevertheless, modern architecture shows that they often work as the main roof covering material.

T200 - Blacha trapezowa konstrukcyjna

Construction trapezoids

High embossing profiles are structural elements and due to their high strength they are used on roofs with large spans. High strength parameters mean that they are used in the construction of large industrial and commercial facilities. These sheets can be used in load -bearing constructions with large span and for ceilings. The strength of trapezoidal profiles is not only important not only to the height of the crease, the thickness of the sheet used, but also the spacing of supports, which should specify the design in detail. Help when designing and installing trapezoidal sheets are load tables and assembly instructions developed by our company.