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Panel with standing seam

Together with the fashion for minimalism in architecture, the traditional roofing method “to the standing seam” returned in the new formula as roof panels “on the standing seam”. Modern technologies extended the life of this type of roofing, shortened assembly time and allowed to create new effects on the roofs.

A characteristic pattern that the roof panels formed on the slopes found its place in both sacred architecture, historic tenements and palaces, as well as in the projects of modern public buildings and single -family housing. These multi -purpose building materials can be found not only on the roof, but also on the facade. Like the metal roofing tiles, sheet metal sheets do not burden the roof structure due to the low weight, they are resistant to corrosion and the influence of adverse weather conditions. The unique pattern they create on the slopes makes them very aesthetic and modern roofing material.

Panel-PD510-P-S Panel PD 510 P-S
Roof panels with standing seam
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Panel-PD510-T-S Panel PD510 T-S
Roof panels with standing seam
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Panel-PD510-F-S Panel PD510 F-S
Panel with standing seam
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Panel-PD510-Nano Panel PD510 Nano
Roof panels with standing seam
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What is a standing sheet?

If you see longitudinal sheet metal belts on the roof, it is most likely covering in the “standing seam” technology. This is one of the oldest roofing methods in construction, which in the past required contractors from high manual skills and took a lot of time. New technologies have introduced many amenities, e.g. the sheets have received the form of panels, manual formation of the seam has replaced its factory formation, and connecting the panels is done by pressing neighboring seams, the smaller and larger ones. Modern panels have a width of about 50-55 cm, but their length is free, depending on the needs of the building.

Osiedle domków jednorodzi

Advantages of panels on the standing company Pruszyński

As a leading producer of metal rocks on the Polish market, we make every effort to ensure that our products are easy to install and limit the possibility of damage to the sheet metal by the roofing team. That is why the panels for the seam from our offer have been equipped with ready mounting holes, edges with cut edges for mounting panels on a start strip, and above all with special locks, thanks to which, if necessary, you can unhook the panel, minimizing the risk of its damage. Connecting the panels takes place to the latch without having to bend the seam.

Panels for the Pruszyński seam are made of the highest quality galvanized steel 0.50 mm, and for a flat pump up as much as 0.70 mm. To minimize the effect of waving sheet metal on the surface resulting from the thermal expansion of this material, we have introduced three types of longitudinal profiling (e.g. nanophale panel). This results from another benefit for the investor or designer – more options for arranging the roof and facade. The roof panel is available in various protective coatings (gloss polyester, polyester mat and polyurethane) and many color variants. Purmat and Purlak polyurethane coatings, to which we provide up to 50 years warranty, provide the greatest protection.

Surface profiling
The panels can be made in a flat version or in one of three types of profiling: microwave, nanophala or microtrapez. Profiling is designed to prevent the sheet’s surface to wave the surface of the sheet metal expansion and stiffen the panel.
Ready mounting holes
Sheets with standing seam are equipped with factory -made mounting holes in the form of beans, in which plate screws are screwed invisible after installing the sheets.
Kompletny dach
Removal possibility
In the case of installing an additional roof window, it is necessary to dismantle the sheet. Our panels are constructed in such a way that they allow them to be removed and re -assembly, without having to order new sheets.
Jakość i trwałość
Quality confirmed by the warranty
We offer this product in several protective coatings that differ in resistance to UV radiation and corrosion resistance. A warranty is granted in the most resistant to these conditions.
Szerokie zastosowanie
Starting models
We make panels in a traditional straight form or in a version with factory cut edges, ready for bending and mounting on a start strip. The nano panels have cut edges on both sides of the sheet, which allows them to be freely rotated depending on the direction of assembly.

Panels for seam standing in our offer

Our company offers 7 models of panels with 3 types of surface profiling: flat, corrugated and with a trapezoidal embossing. These are:

  • Flat panels: PD 510 P-N and PD 510 P-S
  • Panels with microwave: PD 510 F-S and PD 510 F-N
  • panel with nanophale: PD 510 Nano
  • Panel with microtrapez: PD 510 T-S and PD 510 T-N

The usable width of the panels is 510 mm and the height of the seam is 25 mm. The panels are produced for any length, depending on the dimension and shape of the roof. We recommend that the minimum length of the sheet is not less than 0.5 MB, and the longest not more than 7 MB. The exception is a nanophala panel, which, thanks to strengthened stiffness, can be up to 9 MB of length. The panels have ready mounting holes that make it easier to fix for the structure. A simple rule will help in choosing the panel model: the smaller the roof slope, the larger the seam should be.

Some models (PD 510P-S, PD 510T-S and PD 510F-S, PS 510 Nano) have machine-cut locks that allow them to be installed on a start strip. Products that together with the panels are the system are the accessories recommended for their assembly: screws, nails and sealing tapes of Pruszyński.

Dom jednorodzinny z tarasem i altaną. Dach, panel dachowy na rąbek

What roof will the standing sheet work on?

In terms of aesthetics, the effect of flushed belts separated by a seam looks best on a roof with a large surface, which optically acquires lightness and geometric harmony. That is why sheets for seam are one of the eagerly chosen roofing on buildings in the style of a “modern barn”, which in themselves usually have a simple block and an uncomplicated gable roof. In this case, the severity of metal is often broken by the use of facade elements of wood, which is associated with familiarity. Roof panels for seams work very well as roofing built in a modernist style of commercial, office and commercial buildings.

The panels for the seam have also become fashionable as facade panels – used on the gable walls are additional protection against jamming rain, snow and wind, thus improving the thermal parameters exposed to heat loss. When it comes to aesthetics, the building becomes stylistically and interesting in terms of architecturally.

What is worth knowing about the installation of sheet metal for seam?

The panels for the seam can be laid on buildings where the roof slope is a minimum of 8 degrees (14%). Installation is possible both on ventilated roofs and those with full formwork. It is mounted perpendicular to the eaves, which makes us obtain a characteristic effect of flushed belts separated by a seam. Thanks to many amenities used in production by our company, the installation of roofing covers is fast and efficient.

To get a uniform surface effect and enjoy a nice, well -functioning roof, it is worth focusing on the highest quality material, which is guaranteed by Blachy Pruszyński. The second condition is the quality of the roofing team service. It should have experience in the installation of the panel on the standing seam and ensure that at every stage of work – from transport to assembly – secure the sheet and protective coatings affecting the durability and aesthetics of the entire roof.

The completeness of the roofing ensure roof windows and gutter systems

To make the roof tight, durable and aesthetic, the Pruszyński company offers the necessary accessories for all metal roofing tiles: screws, gąsiui and other flashings matching the color of the roofing tiles, as well as sealing tapes, fitting paints and flat metal sheets for unusual roofing.

Are you looking for other ideas for finishing the roof?

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of our roofing, adapted to all architectural styles.