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Trapezoidal sheets – elevation

What at first glance connects modern industrial and commercial buildings, halls or warehouses? Modernist appearance is provided by trapezoidal sheets used on the facade, usually being an extension of the roofing made of the same material. The facade sheet, like the roofing of trapezoidal sheet metal, is a commonly used building material, which is perfect for small and large surfaces.
Trapezoidal sheets on the facades provide modern style, assembly speed and an interesting visual effect tailored to the investor’s expectations. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of the product offer of trapezoidal elevation sheets.


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We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of our trapezoidal sheets, depending on the purpose (roofs, constructions)

What are trapezoidal facade sheets?

Trapezoidal sheets for the facade are characterized by durability, stiffness and a relatively low price. These materials usually have a decorative, decorative-protective, protective or load-bearing function. Low and medium profile trapezoids are used, min. As a facade decoration or roofing in residential buildings and small facilities, e.g. commercial. In turn, owners of single -family houses or rural farms see in it the perfect solution for building shelters, garages or fences. Higher profiles showing greater stiffness are used as roofing in facilities with large spans and in load -bearing structures.

Elewacyjna blacha trapezowa, Blachy Pruszyński

The use of trapezoidal facade sheets

Differentiation of trapezoidal sheets in combination with rich colors allows you to create interesting compositions on the facades. Architects who chose trapezoidal sheet as a roofing of the building skillfully use visual effects of roofing sheets and facades, which softly pass from one surface to the next.

Facade trapezoidal sheets are used for construction:

  • production halls
  • industrial facilities
  • magazines
  • commercial buildings
  • office facilities
  • single -family houses
  • public facilities
  • garages
  • shelter
  • fences

As in the case of trapezoidal sheets used for roofing, also facade sheets retain the aesthetic appearance longer, if they are regularly controlled and preserved in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Simple assembly
“Trapezoids” are characterized by easy assembly, and thanks to the availability of various accessories for fixing, this activity does not create major problems.
Effective width
Elevations mounted from trapezoidal sheet, thanks to the relatively large width of one sheet, are efficiently and quickly covered with large wall surfaces.
Kompletny dach
A large selection of profiles
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Jakość i trwałość
Fitted dimension
Each sheet can be made to any dimension, adapted to a specific implementation. Matching, even in the case of complicated, oblique facades, will not be difficult.
kolorystyka, ikona
Rich colors
In the case of facade, individual color selection is particularly important. The colors of the sheet metal can be chosen from a rich palette, you can mix the colors of individual sheets to obtain the individual character of the facade.

Advantages of our trapezoidal facade sheets

The facade trapezoidal sheet available in Blachy Pruszyński’s offer is an ideal solution for use on roofs, facades or gates. A large selection of products depending on the types of sheet metal, its thickness, cross -section or available coatings allows the use of our products on the construction site for many purposes and on facilities for various purposes. Here are the most important advantages of our facade trapeze:

  • Availability in many protective and decorative coatings: gloss polyester, polyurethane, galvanized, allusine,
  • several types of high -quality sheet metal used for the production of trapeze: S 250 GD, S280 GD, S 320 GD,
    wide selection of profiles: from T6 to T60,
  • the possibility of perforation to improve the acoustic properties of the object,
  • availability of accessories,
  • Depending on the chosen coating, the manufacturer’s warranty reaching 50 years,
  • Confirmed the highest quality: Product compliance with PN-EN 14782: 2008 and marked with the CE symbol.

We recommend the order to assemble companies specializing in the provision of flashing and deeky services, which, for the sake of the quality of protective coatings, apply to the manufacturer’s recommendations using the tools and accessories intended for this material.

Dom jednorodzinny, pokrycie Blaszane

Types of trapezoidal sheet for the facade

Trapezoidal sheets used for the facade are made of steel (galvanized, aluminum or coated) or aluminum (coated). Depending on the function they have to perform, they have different thickness, which is in the range of 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm. The height of the profile also determines the rigidity of the sheet and its resistance to loads. In the case of facade trapezoids it is from 6 mm to 65 mm: the higher the profile, the stiffer the sheet. It is these factors that determine how the trapezoidal trapezoid is used.

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Trapezoidal facade sheets in our offer

The offer of trapezoidal trapezoidal sheets from Blachy Pruszyński includes 12 models available in various coatings and colors:

T14 Elevation

T18 Elevation galvanized

T18DR Elevation

T18 Elevation

T20 Elevation

T35E Elevation

T35EL Elevation

T40 Elevation

T45 Elevation

T45P Elevation

T55P Elevation

T60P Elevation.

Along with trapezoid sheets, accessories such as screws, nails, seals, and anti -percontinent fabric are available, thanks to which the facade is installed simpler and safer.

What to consider in choosing trapezoidal sheet for the facade?

The choice of trapezoidal sheet on the facade depends largely on several factors, including the purpose of the building, the time in which it is to be used, and atmospheric and environmental factors that adversely act on the sheet. On their basis, a professional design company will recommend the type and thickness of the sheet, profile height and the best protective coating. The thicker the material and the higher profile, the greater the load is able to take the sheet. In turn, the best protection against rust, moisture, photoaging and mechanical damage will be provided by a polyurethane coating.

The completeness of the roofing ensure roof windows and gutter systems

To make the roof tight, durable and aesthetic, the Pruszyński company offers the necessary accessories for all metal roofing tiles: screws, gąsiui and other flashings matching the color of the roofing tiles, as well as sealing tapes, fitting paints and flat metal sheets for unusual roofing.

Are you looking for other ideas for trapezoidal sheets?

Our offer includes numerous variants of coated sheet metal products. Among them, in addition to facade trapezoids