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PIRTECH Standard - płyty warstwowe ścienne - pianka poliuretanowa - widoczne mocowanie

PIRTECH Standard – Wall sandwich panels – polyurethane foam – visible fastening

Contemporary indoor construction, especially indoor public utilities, as well as industrial or agricultural, requires very high quality materials – sandwich panels in metal cladding, which are able to cope with the requirements of such functions such as storage, refrigerators, cold stores or rooms for farm animals. That is why for years unchanging in this industry the systems of sandwich panels with a core made of stiff polyurethane foam in metal cladding, such as wall and roofing roof panels, PIRTECH PIRTECH from Blachy Pruszyński.

What are sandwich panels with pir foam

The Pirtech roofing panels are a material designed for wall housing and roofs of buildings, from which additional properties are required: a high thermal insulation, stiffness and fire resistance index. Wall sandwich panels are used to build external and internal walls, as well as for erecting fire partitions.

A sandwich panel (wall and roof sandwich panel) is a lightweight product, consisting of specially selected and properly connected construction and insulating -construction materials. The outer layer called cladding is characterized by high mechanical properties and continuously (resulting from production technology) is connected to the core – the central layer made of rigid PIR polyurethane foam, which in turn has beneficial parameters in the field of thermal insulation.

The PIRTECH wall layered panel is a product for a light wall housing in buildings with a special purpose, requiring a high thermal insulation, stiffness and fire resistance index. Its outer and inner layer is a metal cladding, which can be additionally coated with an aesthetic protective coating in different colors. The insulation and construction layer, called the core, is made of piR or mineral wool polysocytic foam. As for the purpose of the panels in the building’s structure, they are divided into: facade wall sandwich panels and wall panels used inside the building. Due to the speed and accuracy of the assembly and the level of aesthetics, the division into two categories is used: sandwich panels with visible fastening (ST) and with hidden fastening (PL).

hala magazynowa z plyty warstwowej

Application of PIRTECH-ST sandwich panels

Wall layered panels are used for external wall housing as facades and internal, where they work as partition walls, as well as partitions, ceiling and ceiling slabs. Wall layered panels are used primarily in specialist construction: in industrial halls, food industry plants, sports, commercial and office facilities, which are expected to be very high parameters in thermal insulation and fire resistance. It is recommended to use them in facilities such as:

  • industrial halls,
  • logistics warehouses and centers,
  • commercial and office facilities,
  • food industry plants,
  • sports and livestock facilities.

In objects where the highest requirements in the field of fire safety and mechanical properties are expected, including an increase in the stiffness of the longitudinal plate and load capacity, a very good solution can also be a wall sandwich panel with a woolen core (PWS2-MW-ST), which is in Full of compatible when it comes to castles and connecting with PIRTECH plates from Pruszyński, and offers unique fire resistance and sound insulation parameters. A sandwich panel with pir foam core, in terms of purpose as a wall facade, occurs in two variants-with a visible castle and a hidden lock (PWS2-MW-PL)

Advantages of sandwich panels

High fire resistance and high level of thermal insulation in combination with low unit mass – all this affects high recognition in construction. PIR core plates have an incomparably better heat conduction coefficient (compared to panels with a foamed polystyrene core or with a core of mineral wool), and at the same time they are cheaper than them (depending on the selected product parameters, protective coating and finishes).

The numerous advantages of this product, which can be included in:

Extremely simple and quick assembly and disassembly
Thanks to the standardized design, based on lightweight components (coated sheet, polyurethane foam), as well as a wide range of accessories and machining, assembly is very simple.
Possibility of resignation or reducing the participation of heavy equipment, limiting finishing works
Simple to implement, as well as the modular design in combination with a light but stiff design results in real savings compared to classic constructions. In addition, a wide range of accessories and machining translates into a drastic shortening of construction time, which also translates into lower costs.
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Possibility of re -assembly
The specificity of sandwich panels and their assembly method means that both the replacement of components, expansion or disassembly and then re -assembly are very simple and do not affect the whole of the construction
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Installation regardless of weather conditions
Layered plates as a closed product are not sensitive to weather conditions. They can be mounted in any weather.

What to consider in choosing roof sandwich panels?

During the construction of industrial facilities and “for special tasks”, the selection of products is crucial for their further functioning and safety. In the selection process, the most important are the technical parameters of the product and the manufacturer’s reputation, behind which there are industry prizes, certificates and experience in cooperation with investors and contractors.

The offer of sandwich panels is addressed to a demanding segment – architects and investors. That is why it is worth using the manufacturer’s services, which is able to provide a comprehensive supply of ready -made systems, which include plates with PIR polyurethane core in metal cladding, machining and other necessary accessories and professional technical advice. Complete solutions on the construction site also mean shortening the investment time.

Wall wall panel wall panels produced by Pruszyński enjoy recognition not only due to excellent quality, but also the introduction of products that contractors expect. In our company’s offer, special attention should be paid to plates with a hidden fastening system, which can be used in both vertical and horizontal systems. Our company’s products with a properly profiled cone -shaped lock bring additional benefits to the investor, because thanks to them wall layered panels are extremely tight to penetrate air, steam and rain, not to mention the visual effect of a sliced wall surface.

PIRTECH standard ST

Wall layered panels in our offer

The Pruszyński offer of the Pirtech wall panel wall panels includes models Standard (with a visible lock) plus (with a hidden lock) and pirtech Chłodnia (increased thickness, intended for cold stores and warehouses) with an effective width of 1050 or 1150 mm. Roof sandwich panels are produced in accordance with the PN-EN 14509 standard, which is confirmed by the CE mark and the appropriate declaration of productive properties of the product:

  • with visible mounting (PWS-PIR-ST),
  • Wall panels with hidden mounting (PWS-PIR-PL),
  • roof plates (PWD-PIR),
  • and refrigeration boards (PWS-PIR-CH).

Wall layered panels (PIR) in our offer

The Pruszyński’s offer of the basic system of wall panel wall panels includes standard models (with a visible lock) and a plus (with a hidden lock) with an effective width of 1050 or 1150 mm.

What to consider in choosing roof sandwich panels?

Standard products include models with a thickness of 40 to 120 and a length of 1150 mm:

  • PWS-PIR-ST 40
  • PWS-PIR-ST 50
  • PWS-PIR-ST 60
  • PWS-PIR-ST 80
  • PWS-PIR-ST 100
  • PWS-PIR-ST 110
  • PWS-PIR-ST 120

The second category is modern wall panels with hidden fastening (PWS-PIR-PL), which uses a solution involving the unique contact geometry of the so-called “Triple” pen. They have a core thickness of 0D 60 to 120 mm and an effective width 1050 mm. Belong to them:

  • PWS-PIR-PL 60
  • PWS-PIR-PL 80
  • PWS-PIR-PL 100
  • PWS-PIR-PL 120

Prittech Plus with a hidden connector are intended for the implementation of construction projects, in which one of the key requirements is the aesthetic appearance of the facade of the object. They owe their qualities, among others wide palette of colors and protective coatings (gloss polyester, PMG, polyurethane, Purmax and HPS200 hybrid) and various combinations of external cladding profiling (trapezoid, micro, wave, coffers and smooth – on a special order). PIRTECH Plus wall layer with hidden fastening can therefore be used for the facades of residential buildings, hotels, commercial facilities, office buildings, stations and other public facilities, in which the visual effect is no less than the functionality of its components. Pirtech Plus is also fully compatible with our PWS2-MW plates (boards with a layer of 2nd generation mineral wool), which allows you to easily connect and pass between the vest and wool.

The completeness of the investment offer is provided by a wide range of construction products for industrial investments

Blachy Pruszyński comprehensively approaches the needs of the market. Thanks to the wide range of lightweight tin buildings and construction products, we are able to respond to every market need – we invite you to familiarize yourself with our suggestions!

Wall layered panels from Pruszyński?

The polyurethane sandwich panel from our company’s offer is an excellent quality that gives the best protection in the field of thermal insulation and fire resistance, as well as the possibility of implementing the latest construction projects. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the catalog containing a detailed description of the PIRTECH from Pruszyński and using the contact form.

Are you looking for other sandwich panels?

In addition to sandwich panels with a pir foam core intended for wall use, we have a range of products for other applications, as well as sandwich panels with a core from the highest quality mineral wool from Rockwool.