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Machine park

Pruszyński Sp. z o.o. This is a company with Polish capital, around which the Pruszyński Capital Group was built, consisting of several companies, together offering a wide range of construction and finishing products.

Pruszyński resources

The machine park covers over 100 modern machines, including: Stam, Samsor, Amada, Trumpf, Durma, Godenes, Ras, Schroeder, ITEK INVICTA, Hayes, among them:

8 production lines for the production of roof tiles
2 Modern lines for the production of a complete gutter system in sizes 125 and 150
25 production lines for trapezoidal profiles
Line for the production of facade coffers
Line for the production of wall cassettes
4 lines with guillotines for flat sheets
3 Lines for the production of roof gags
2 Lines for production cover on the so -called standing
Line for the production of wall panels
Line for the production of sandwich panels with a core of mineral wool (second generation)
Line for the production of sandwich panels with polyurethane core

Production process

In the systematically modernized Pruszyński factory, products are produced using the latest technological lines. Production lines, for the most part, are equipped with numerical control, guaranteeing precision and the highest quality.

Internal logistics in the production process are based on 3 cranes, over 40 leading and side forklifts of Linde and Still and specialized loading prams, which allow, quickly and precise loading of the production line with the necessary output material for production. All production lines and machines are served by experienced and highly qualified staff, with high versatility, which allows flexible adapting production to the needs dictated by the market.

In addition, the company has:

Mechanical and hydraulic guillotines, from Stam, Ungrer, Trumpf, EHT companies that allow you to cut sheet metal on both tapes and sheets of any dimensions that can be obtained from the starting material,

Classic and numerically controlled edge presses and bends of JORNS, BIGEMASTER, AMADA, TRUMPF allowing complicated bent profiles up to 7 m long cutters, numerically controlled, ITEK and TRUMPF for unusual formats and complicated shapes of the sheet.

The most modern line in Poland for the perforation of SOEnen sheet metal with a maximum working width of 1600 mm and work speed up to 700 beats per minute.