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7 grudzień Sokołów k. Janek Sales

Traders – valuation and program for the ISOD optimization program – full -time training

  • 9:30 am
  • 6h
  • Wyżywienie
  • Szkolenie praktyczne

Training topics: optimization and roof valuation. Service of the ISOD optimization program – training for sellers.

During the training, we will discuss:

  • Rules for optimizing adapted to the assemblyist and his requirements
  • ISOD optimization program support
  • Rules for the selection of accessories and accessories and the rules for valuing them

Note – training only for active distributors from Blachy Pruszyński.

The purpose of the training is to prepare the seller for:

  • professional roof valuation
  • selection and valuation of necessary accessories
  • Conversations with the Contractor and the Customer aimed at professional order processing
  • Optimization in the ISOD program, taking into account the principles of roofing art

Additional information:

  • Applications for a phone or email at the company’s secretary’s office  – / 022 73 86 102  or  …103
  • The trainings are one -day, start at 9.30, end around 15.30.
  • Of course, we invite you to the full series of 3 trainings, but the choice belongs to the state.
  • Access and possible accommodation at own expense. We serve dinner during.
  • The training will take place at the production plant in Sokołów near Janek


Applications for the phone or email at the company’s secretary’s office:
022 73 86 102
022 73 86 103

Contact on training:
+48 600 302 266

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