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Product description

Kasety ścienne

Wall cassettes

The new deeper wall cassette is an excellent material for fast walls, mainly industrial and warehouse halls.

It is easy to insulate the building with thermal insulation, which allows for the use of comprehensive solutions for the light hall construction system. The whole structure is characterized by high rigidity, tightness and low specific weight of the sheet. An additional advantage is the high aesthetics of the façade and resistance to mechanical damage.

Choose a coating:
Więcej informacji o powłokach
Polyester glossy 25 um

Technical specification of the coating

Coating thickness
25 µm
Corrosion resistance
High ★★★☆
UV resistance
Good ★★☆☆
Possibility of processing
Good ★★☆☆
Aesthetic warranty
10 years
Technical warranty
30 years

Available colours

RAL 9010
RAL 8016
RAL 8016
RAL 9002
RAL 3016
RAL 1021
RAL 5010
RAL 6029
RAL 7016
RAL 7035
RAL 9007
RAL 9006
Metallic coatings

Technical specification of the coating

Available colours

powłoka AZ - aluzynk
AZ – aluzynk
Powłoka - OC - ocynk
OC – galvanist
Firma PRUSZYŃSKI gwarantuje każdorazowo realizację poszczególnego zamówienia w jednakowym kolorze (odcieniu). Z uwagi na skomplikowanie procesów powlekania możliwe jest jednak występowanie różnic w odcieniach pomiędzy poszczególnymi dostawami.

Odpowiedzialność za kolor w związku z tym ograniczona jest jedynie do jednej dostawy.

W związku z powyższym w przypadku domawiania blach do konkretnej partii bardzo prosimy o zaznaczenie na zamówieniu lub poinformowanie Handlowca, iż jest to kontynuacja zlecenia oraz dostarczenia próbki kolorystycznej.

Celem zapewnienia spójności kolorystycznej płyty warstwowych z innymi elementami takimi jak np. obróbki blacharskie należy zamawiać je u jednego dostawcy.

Pruszyński Company guarantees realization of each order in one colour shade. Although due to technological process of covering paint to steel sheets there is possibility for occurring difference in colour shade in different deliveries. Regarding this please inform sales person if different delivery is continuation of previous orders. In order to ensure color consistency of sandwich panels with other elements such as flashings, they should it ordered from one supplier.


Technical specification

General information

total width:
500 mm
total height:
200 mm
S 320 GD
max. recommended length:
12 mb
min. length:
1,5 mb
thickness [mm]:
0,70 do 1,50 mm
protective coating:
manufacturer's color card
Kaseta ścienna 500/200P - przekrój


Transport recommendations

  • Transportation should be done with special vehicle which shall have an open loading platform allowing easy loading and unloading, with the length suitable for ordered sheets. The sheets shall not extend beyond the platform otherwise it may cause damage and in consequence loss of the guarantee . The steel sheets must be protected against drifting and soaking.
  • Unloading shall be carried out by the proper number of people, that is in the case of long sheets (ca. 6linear metre) the sheets shall be unloaded by 6 people, three on each side.
  • Special attention shall be paid not to friction one sheet against the other, bend the side edges or stretch the sheet. Steel sheet deformation during the unloading and moving can result in problems with proper installation (chinks in clamps). It is of course the best to unload in original manufacturer packaging , using mechanical unloading equipment.
  • Special carefulness should be maintained during unloading in winter and during storing in heated warehouses.


  • Oiling and passivation of galvanised steel sheets is a form of protection against  white corrosion only during the transport.
  • Steel sheets stored in packages and coils cannot be stored outside or in premises with high humidity and changing temperatures. Zinc and aluzinc coats, especially if they have not  been exposed to atmospheric conditions and thus without securing it protection layer, are vulnerable to water condensate if the access of air is limited (steel sheets stored in stacks). Special attention should be paid to unloading in winter and storing in heated warehouses. As a result of significant difference of temperature, the water arrives between the sheets.
  • Sheets which got wet during transport or storing shall be dried, next the sheets shall be separated with washers allowing free air circulation. When dry, the galvanized (aluzinc) sheets shall be inspected and oiled with preservative oil.
  • Steel sheets to be stored for a long time shall be inspected and covered with a layer of machine oil ( zinc and aluzinc covered steel sheets) and protected against humidity (all types of steel sheets).
  • If the above instructions are not followed, the zinc or aluzinc corrosion – white layers loosely adhered to the sheet , which are not the protection against the steel corrosion – may arrive (in the case of galvanized and aluzinc sheets even within a couple of days).
  • The coated steel sheets in manufacturer packaging shall not be stored for more than 3 weeks from the date of manufacturing. After that the packaging shall be opened and the sheets separated with washers allowing for free air circulation. The maximum period of storage shall not exceed 6 months from the date of manufacturing under the pain of loss of guarantee.
  • Protective films are applied as additional protection of steel sheets against mechanical damage, stress and impact possible during transport, reloading or forming. Protective films do not exempt the customer from the obligation to protect the sheets properly during their storage or against harmful impact of chemical factors during the processing. It is recommended that the film is removed from each ready to use profile soon before it is to be installed on the wall or the roof.

Cutting and assembly

  • To cut sheets should be used special roofer’s cutter. After assembly all filing and turnigs should be removed form surface of roof. In case of any damages, it should be repaired immidiately with proper touch up paint.
  • In case of using grinding machine, any complaints wont be accepted.
  • Other information can be found in assembly instruction to specific product.


  • In order to extend durability of roofs and elevations it’s recommended to check and conservative it.
  • Inspection – One time a year (it’s best in spring) there should be inspection of roof/elevation in order to early detection of possible damage.
  • Cleaning of steel sheet – Roof and elevation made of steel sheets require cleaning at least once a year. Stratifying dirt on steel sheet may cause uneven discoloration of lacquer (because of uneven impact of UV beams), and lower protection to corrosion(dust traps humidity on steel sheets which causes damage). Dirty and stained spots can be cleaned by soft brush and water (temp. max. 60c). If it is necessary it is permitted to use some light detergent (ph 6/7, max 10% solution). There also can be used pressed water(max. 100bar) to cleaning, however the beam of water cannot be applicated too near of surface of sheets(min. 30 cm), also it shouldn’t be perpendicularly to surface. Near the connections water beam should be directed to bottom, to avoid water of entering cracks near connections. With old surfaces of steel sheets we should deal with high cautiously. Cleaning should be conducted from top to bottom, and cleaned spots should be rinsed out immediately.
  •  It is not permitted to use scouring powders, nitro solvent, chlorine liquor, aromatised substances, substances with Amon chloride or sodium.
  • Damages – Possible damages during guarantee should be consulted with Contractor of roof/elevation and can be repaired only with his written permission.Repair of damages on small surfaces is done with quick-drying varnish. However painting big surfaces should be done with special industrial paints to renovating coverings. Painting should be limited only to special damaged spots (scratches to steel, centres of corrosion etc.)

    Preparation of surface to painting should be done with generally accepted rules. It is necessary to precisely remove all signs of corrosion – best with special brush or  close-grained sandpaper. Then that surface should be undusted, degreased and cleaned. To degrease extraction naptha or water with addition of surfactant(best with 1-2%solution of ammoniac) can be used. Repaired spots may be different in colour compared to original steel sheets because of natural impact of atmospheric phenomenon (ageing of varnish due to impact of UV radiation)

  • ATTENTION!– During inspecting, cleaning, conservation and repair all work safety regulations should be obeyed.Pruszyński Sp. z o.o. is not in charge of possible accidents during carrying out all following actions.

Do you have questions?

Is it possible to make copper machining at the steel roof?
When using copper, be careful because copper oxides are very aggressive and cause corrosion of other metals. Therefore, on buildings, it cannot be combined with other metal species (copper enters into contact and causes electrolytic corrosion of other metals).
Why is the metal roofing sheets recommended for the renovation of old roofs?
This is directly related to its low weight. In the case of old roofs, the trusses of the renovated houses are often somewhat damaged by time. Therefore, it is safer to use a metal roofing tile, which weight oscillates at 4.7 kg/m2, than almost ten times a heavier ceramic tile than it. However, it is always worth verifying the condition of the roof truss, with a specialist and make sure that it does not require renovation or replacement. In such cases, the safety of residents or building employees, as well as the assembly team, is always a priority. In most situations, however, the condition of the structure without major problems allows the use of roof tiles, while the use of ceramic tile would not be possible.
Can you use an angle grinder when cutting sheets?
Modern roofing exclude the use of angle grinders for cutting. The use of this method of cutting the material is associated with the loss of warranty.The angle grinder during operation and cutting produces very large amounts of heat, which in turn damages the edges of the sheet, as well as the coating covering it. In addition, the filings extracting during operation blend into the surface of the blades, additionally creating potential corrosion outbreaks.The right way of cutting sheet metal is to use automatic jumps (so -called Nilerler) or hand scissors. They use the mechanical force to cut the sheet, without exposing it to high temperature jumps. In addition, it is worth remembering that after cutting it is good to train cut places with dedicated protective varnish or special paint.
Does the roof require maintenance?
Yes, each roof requires periodic inspections to check if there have been any damage. Most of the products offered by Blachy Pruszyński have various types of specialized coatings available (covered by the warranty), increasing the life and durability of sheet metal. Maintenance consists mainly in removing the deposits and chimney dust, which left for a longer period of time can lead to sheet metal damage. Particular attention should be paid to places around chimneys that are sensitive due to more demanding operating conditions. If during the coverage inspection, local damage to the paint coating will be noticed, paint corrections should be made. In such a situation, the best solution is to use dedicated gloss paints tailored to a given coating. Such paints are in a stringent offer of Pruszyńska sheet and it is strongly recommended to use company products, recommended for a given coating.
How to register and how does the warranty work?
In order to register the warranty, download the warranty registration available in files for download / printing or directly: Warranty registration and send it completed to the following address: guarantee@pruszynski.euThe warranty begins to apply on the day of purchase of the goods. Registration of warranty is necessary to quickly identify the purchased batch of goods.
How can you complain the product, where is the information?
Complaints should be submitted in a warehouse in which the purchase was made. In the event that the wholesaler has been closed (does not run a business), the filled print of the complaint application should be sent directly to Pruszyński Sp. z o.o. to:

Printing of the complaint application is available in files for download / prints or directly here: Complaints

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