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Pruszyński group

Pruszyński Sp. z o.o. This is a company with Polish capital, around which the Pruszyński Capital Group was built, consisting of several companies, together offering a wide range of construction and finishing products.

Punto Pruszyński

The main profile of the Punto Pruszyński company is the production of high -quality finishing materials for construction.

Punto Pruszyński is one of the leading Polish producers of “dry buildings”. It provides its products to numerous trade partners throughout the country as well as abroad. The recipients include distribution networks, building warehouses and executive companies from the investment market. The offer includes a set of profiles for the construction of partition walls and suspended ceilings with a set of accessories (hangers, connectors, corners).

Metkol Pruszyński

Since 1999, the Pruszyński capital group has been the company “Pruszyński – Metkol” dealing with the sale of colored metal and acid – resistant steel products.

Mekol Pruszyński is an allowed company within the Pruszyński Ltd Group, that is focused on a wide variety of the non-ferrous metals. Among many different items in the catalogue, there are both ready to use and semi-finished products made of copper, stainless steel, aluminium, lead or even bronze. Mekol’s clients can also choose from decorative steel plates as well as top quality investment products, like aluminium profiles dedicated to solar panels and many others. Each product from Metkol is carefully designed and tested, made of the top quality materials to meet the expectations of the even most demanding partners.

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Extral Aluminium

Another company within our group is primarily aluminum products – in particular high quality and variety of profiles.

Extral aluminum modern and dynamically developing aluminum profile press was founded in 2008 in Silesia in Żory. Thanks to advanced technology, high -class devices used for the production of aluminum profiles and components, as well as the experienced staff of employees, it guarantees clients high and constant product quality, openness, flexibility, involvement in cooperation and technical and technological support

Florian Centrum

A wide range of roofing, derived from metallurgical traditions.

The name and activity Florian Centrum refers to the oldest steel mill in Poland, i.e. Huta Florian, founded in 1828. Since the beginning, Florian Centrum has been focused on distributing the highest quality raw materials and products, thanks to which it soon became a producer and distributor of steel products throughout the country. The breakthrough date in the fate of the company was March 2018. Then Florian Centrum became part of the Pruszyński Group, thus becoming a family company – entirely with Polish capital. By combining experience, tradition and values with a modern vision of development, the company is successively expanding its machine park, invests in new technologies and focuses on the highest quality of the wide range of products and services offered.

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